How to Live From the Instagram App

How to Live From the Instagram App

How To Live From Instagram App – Yes, the Instagram application that is very popular with people today continues to make changes with the presence of features that are currently trending. After the videogram is made for up to 1 minute and also with Instagram Stories, there is now a new feature, Instagram Live.

Yes, of course you already know what this feature is for. Yes, of course this feature can be used by Instagram application users to show off their daily activities to their followers. When users are live, notifications on Instagram will display your account with the words “LIVE” if followers want to see you live, they just need to tap your account on the notification earlier. Well by the way did you already know How to Live From Instagram App?

So, for those of you who are already familiar with the world of social media, you may already know how, but for those of you who don’t know how, here are some tips How to Live From the Instagram App which we will explain step by step. By knowing this method, you won’t be out of date, friend, hehe

Here’s How to Live From the Instagram Application:

How to Live From the Instagram App

1. Swipe the home screen to the left
2. Wait for the connection test (if you don’t have one, you can’t use it). hehehe
3. Please select the live menu presented at the bottom, and then press the white button in the middle.
4. Congratulations you have done live
5. In the section there are comments from your followers who see your activities (maybe you can sing, eat, lie down, or you are giving tips for them) and you can also directly interact with them if they ask in the comments column.
6. If you are bored or finished press the end video button
7. That’s How to Live From the Instagram Application.

So if you want to see the action of a friend, idol, or potential boyfriend, of course, you have to follow him first. Later one day if he’s live, you just have to tap on his account in the notification earlier. How to Live From the Instagram App it’s not too difficult is it.

Oh yes, if your application doesn’t have a feature, of course you are confused about wanting to follow How to Live From the Instagram App Well, chances are you have to update your Instagram to the latest version first. Maybe your application is still in the old version. Thus, we can provide this information, hopefully it will be useful, sorry if there are errors in the delivery of the information.