How to Make Hotspot Users Don’t Need to Login (Bypass Hotspot Login)

The Mikrotik Hotspot system makes all users have to login first in order to access the internet. Sometimes there are some users who are lazy to login and want to be able to directly enter Hotspot without logging in or Bypass Mikrotik Hotspot Login. To accommodate this user’s request, we can take advantage of the Hotspot IP-Bindings feature.

IP Bindings allows us to bypass certain user hotspots without having to go through the authentication process (login). In addition, IP Binding also allows us to block certain users so that they cannot access the hotspot network.

In this Mikrotik Indonesia tutorial, we will discuss how to bypass certain hotspot users so that they don’t need to log in and also how to block Mikrotik Hotspot users using IP Bindings.

A. How to Make Hotspot Users No Need to Login (Bypass Hotspot Login)

1. Make sure the Mikrotik Hotspot is running well.

2. Open Winbox, go to IP menu –> Hotspot –> Enter IP Bindings tab –> Add new IP Binding.

3. Here we have to know the MAC Address and IP Address of the user then we fill it in the column provided.

4. If you don’t want to bother manually entering the user’s MAC and IP address data, please go to the Host Tab –> Make sure the user you want to bypass is connected to the WiFi Hotspot –> Right click on the user in the list –> Make Binding.

5. This will make the IP Binding data filled automatically.

6. Now, look at the Type column. choose bypassed –> OK

7. Then ask the bypassed user to reconnect to the WiFi Hotspot. He should no longer be directed to the Mikrotik Hotspot login page, but can already access the internet directly without the need for a hotspot login.

B. How to Block Mikrotik Hotspot Users from Connecting Hotspots

1. The method is almost the same as before. The difference is in the IP Binding data column Type select blocked.

2. Thus, the blocked user can still connect to WiFi but cannot access it anywhere. Can’t even access the Mikrotik Hotspot Login Page.

3. The user will think that the hotspot has a problem or the internet has a problem, even though we only block access to him, hehehe.