How to Measure Room Temperature With Smartphone Applications and Manually

What is meant by room temperature is the air temperature range that is preferred by many people if they are in a room or room. To measure how much the room temperature is very easy. We can measure it manually with a room thermometer or using an application on a smartphone.

Digital thermometer for measuring room temperature

If using the manual method, the room thermometer must be positioned in the middle of the room, and if using a smartphone application, we must first download the application in the AppStore (for iPhone) or PlayStore (for Android).

#1. How to find out the room temperature with a smartphone app

There are many applications for measuring room temperature in the AppStore or Google PlayStore. But there are three popular room temperature measurement applications, namely: My Thermometer, Smart Thermometer, and iThermonitor.

Measuring room temperature with smartphone app

Choose one of these thermometer applications to download to your smartphone. Many smartphones today are equipped with sensors to measure the temperature of the device. This sensor is used by the application to measure the ambient temperature of the room.

Wait until the application is fully downloaded, do not rush to open it.

Next open the application and select the ambient temperature reading to find out the room temperature. Depending on which application you are using, you may get a choice of measurement sources: from the device’s temperature sensor or from meteorological agency data.

Usually the app will offer a display option between degrees Celsius and degrees Fahrenheit. In addition, the application also provides a feature to convert measurements from Celsius to Fahrenheit and vice versa.

Just follow the instructions. It’s easy.

#2. How to manually measure room temperature with a thermometer

In addition to the smartphone application, you can also use a room thermometer. To find out the most accurate room temperature select digital thermometer. The image of a digital thermometer is like the one at the beginning of this paper.

Digital thermometers are usually more expensive than other thermometers. However, this thermometer gives faster and more accurate results. Digital thermometers will also react to changes in temperature more quickly than other types of thermometers so the results are more accurate.

Some digital thermometers have the ability to store temperature measurements. So you can compare room temperature over time and see how it changes.

In addition to digital thermometers, there are also glass/glass thermometers and bimetal thermometers. But the results will not be as fast and accurate as a digital thermometer.

Whatever thermometer you use, position it in the center of the room. Place it on a table or bench and away from the wall. Mounting the thermometer on the wall may produce inaccurate results as it is affected by the wall temperature.

Typical room temperature measurements are around 21-24° Celsius or 70-75° Fahrenheit.

– The digital thermometer will display the room temperature on the screen
– The glass thermometer displays a number parallel to the top level of the liquid for the temperature result.
– On a bimetallic thermometer, look at the number indicated by the arrow.