How to Overcome a Laptop Keyboard that Doesn’t Work When Used for Typing

In this online or online era, almost all activities are carried out with the help of technology such as smartphones or laptops. However, it is possible that due to overuse the keyboard becomes difficult to use or does not appear when pressed. How to deal with a laptop keyboard that doesn’t work is certainly needed by users because it hinders work.

How to Overcome a Laptop Keyboard that Doesn't Work When Used for Typing

The demands of various tasks and activities that need to be done will continue to increase every time, especially if the keyboard is broken. This of course must be addressed immediately so that daily activities are not hampered and can be done immediately. Check out an explanation of how to solve a keyboard on a laptop that doesn’t work and is summarized as follows:

1. Restart the Laptop

The simple way to solve a laptop keyboard that doesn’t work is to restart it. Some laptops may be slower and have trouble executing commands when hot. Users can restart to restore and normalize the condition of the laptop back to its original place.

The best work that can be done by restarting is very easy, the user only has to visit the menu. Then in the power button there is an option, then select restart or restart. When it’s done, wait for the laptop to turn on and then try the keyboard you have.

2. Adjusting Keyboard and Laptop Settings

Please note that there are several types and different types of keyboards. Examples such as the most commonly used QWERTY keyboard but not only that, there is also a DVORAK keyboard and so on. This difference, of course, has certain uses and purposes behind the uniqueness of each keyboard.

When a user buys a laptop product with a keyboard type that is not common, for example DVORAK, it must be considered. Settings on laptops usually follow the factory default settings according to the section. Solving this can be done by going to the Start Menu, Region & Language, clicking Options, selecting the keyboard used, and done trying to type.

3. Checking Num Lock

If the user keeps trying to type a number, but it doesn’t appear on the laptop screen, they may have to check the num lock. However, some keyboards may not have these keys and this is something to be aware of. Numeric lock when enabled will prevent the keyboard from executing commands when typing numbers because it is in a locked position.

4. Cleaning the Keyboard Regularly

Laptop keyboards that are often used will have a greater possibility of getting dirty even some users eat and drink in front of the laptop. This of course has an effect because dust or food residue will cause some letters to be typed by themselves or errors. Users should clean the keyboard regularly to remove dust or food residue.

Some of the equipment that can be used by users is to use a special laptop vacuum cleaner. Another way, for example, by using a small brush that can clean the inside of the keyboard. It is most important that the user does not clean the keyboard with water or soap as this will make it even more sticky.

5. Using Additional Keyboards

The last way to deal with a keyboard that has a high level of damage is to replace it. Now some brands are releasing products that only sell external or additional keyboards on their own. Now users can buy it if they don’t want to bother doing service on the laptop because the budget that will be issued will be the same.

Based on several ways to deal with a laptop keyboard that doesn’t work, users can adjust to the level of damage they have. In addition, if the damage to the keyboard is too severe, it can be serviced by an expert. The final decision that will be chosen by the user is ultimately adjusted to the needs they have and the seriousness of the task.