How to Overcome Android Phone Can’t Screenshot

How to Overcome Android Phone Can't ScreenshotHow to Overcome Android Phone Can’t Screenshot – Of course you already know the function of the screenshot itself. Yes, with screenshots or what is often called SS, you can get photo files from your screen display. This screenshot is usually done for proof of chat or sometimes to prank friends during a video call. hehehe and the last one is used for people who are lazy to type text and just make it a picture.

Yes, there are many more uses for this screenshot depending on the cellphone user itself. There are many ways to take screenshots, some just shake the cellphone, some press the power button together with other buttons such as volume or home, you can also use the menu button from the cellphone screen itself and many more.

Then what if we can’t take screenshots even though we’ve pressed the screenshot button. Is there damage to your cellphone or something wrong? Don’t panic first, try to follow the methods below that you might be able to do.

1. SD Card detached

When doing screenshots usually the results will be saved on the memory card or SD Card. Now if the SD Card is detached or not installed perfectly, you can’t even take a screenshot because the file can’t be saved. So please check your SD Card and if it is installed correctly check whether the SD Card is not damaged.

2. SD Card or Phone Memory Full

Then also check your memory capacity. Maybe your SD Card is fully filled. In addition, currently not all cellphones are equipped with memory cards because they only rely on internal memory like Xiaomi cellphones with MTK processors.

3. Use another ScreenShot Application

How to Overcome Android Phone Can't Screenshot

If the two methods above have no effect on your screenshot, it is possible that there is a system malfunction and it is better to reset or flash it. But if you are lazy to do a reset, let alone flashing, try using another screenshot application that you can get from the Play Store specifically for Android users.

4. Create a Screenshot Folder

There is no screenshot folder in the file manager on your SD Card which makes you unable to take screenshots. Therefore, please first create the folder by creating a folder called Pictures and then in it create another folder called screenshots. For Xiaomi it’s a little different because the folder is in the DCIM folder so create it in it.

Those are the four ways to solve an Android cellphone that can’t take a screenshot. If the above method is not able to fix your screenshot, it is likely that you have to do a wipe reset or better flashing. Hope this information is useful.