How to Overcome Android Process Acore Has Stopped

How to Overcome Android Process Acore Has Stopped

When we talk about the problem the app stops and then a popup message appears, right?

Well, you can experience this from different apps like camera, gallery, messages, etc.

Well, one of the message popups is the message that the Android Acore process has stopped, which in this article we will discuss.

If you are experiencing it, you must be confused and curious about this question, right? Maybe confused and curious from the cause to the solution, right?.

Come on, let’s say.

Cause Process.Android.Acore Has Stopped Appears

The popup message stopped from Cause Process.Android.Acore Has Stopped usually we often find and mention in the contact application.

For example, when we change or update contact data, back up / backup, restore / restore, or delete saved contact data.

This problem can also be said to be a common problem. because, this condition can occur in almost all brands of Android cellphones, such as Xiaomi, OPPO, VIVO, Lenovo, Acer, Advan, Samsung, ASUS, Huawei, etc.

How to Overcome Android Process Acore Has Stopped

To solve the problem Android Process Acore Has Stopped, there are some tips on how to fix it. Well, please follow these tips one by one to normalize your Android phone system again.

1. Clear Data in Contacts App

Clearing data refers to clearing cached data from the contacts app on the Android system.

This method is highly recommended, and it can be said that this method is very effective in overcoming the error message Android Process Acore Has Stopped.

But it should also be noted that all contacts in the internal memory will be lost. And please back up your contacts first, just in case.

2. Restore factory settings / Factory Reset

Factory reset, called Factory Reset, is the second tip to get rid of the Android Process Acore Has Stopped popup notification problem.

Because all Android systems will be reset to default conditions later.

3. Re-login Google Account

The benefits of logging into a Google account include being able to save or back up certain data in it, including contact details.

As you know, many people like to save their contact information in their Google account. Of course, because Google itself provides many interesting features.

Well, this time related to our problem, re-logging back into your Google account can actually help you solve the Android Process Acore Has Stopped issue.

4. Flash Android Phone or Use Custom ROM

Re-flash or use a custom ROM, the goal is to replace the old system with a new system.

Because now, if the above method still doesn’t work, the system may encounter an error that can’t seem to get rid of it. In this way, the method will be more effective.

5. Take to HP Service

This method is recommended, For those who don’t know how to fix their Android. It’s better to take it to a cellphone service rather than fix it yourself.

Regarding the cost, I don’t think it’s too expensive. the price is around 50,000 to 100,000 rupiah depending on the type and brand of Android cellphone that we have.

But before that we have to back up the data on the Android phone first just in case, so it doesn’t get lost.

If your Android phone is still under warranty, you can take it to the service center depending on the brand of the cellphone and the possibility of repairing it can be free.

Those are a few tips on How to Overcome Android Process Acore Has Stopped, hopefully this article can be useful and Android HP users who experience this problem can handle it well. Thank you for visiting.