How to Overcome Fast Battery Drains for Xiaomi Oppo Realme Lenovo Infinix Redmi Vivo and Samsung cellphones

How to Overcome Quick Battery Runs for Hp Xiaomi Oppo Realme Lenovo Infinix Redmi Vivo and Samsung. Is your battery dropping? The percentage jump or jump? The battery suddenly drops drastically. Check out the following how to solve it!

How to Overcome the Battery Runs Out

How to Overcome the Battery Runs Out

The battery is an important part of the cellphone, if the battery that is used runs out quickly, of course, the use of the cellphone is also disrupted. It’s a little annoying, have you experienced this?

Here’s how to deal with fast battery drain:

1. Replace 100% Original Battery

The first possibility that the battery runs out quickly is that the battery is old, if it has been used for a long time, of course, the battery performance has also decreased. Make sure you buy the original original battery to replace the battery that has been dropped.

2. Don’t Use Cheap Batteries

If you want a durable battery that doesn’t run out quickly, of course, you have to use a quality battery. For the price of a quality battery, of course, you also have to spend quite a lot of money, but with a good price and quality, the battery used will also last longer.

Don’t expect that with a cheap battery, the cellphone battery will last longer than using the default battery that has been dropped or bloated.

3. Don’t Use Multiple Apps

The number of applications makes the performance of the cellphone quite busy and consumes ram which will certainly require a large supply of battery. Make sure you delete applications that are not used or use one application at a time.

4. Don’t Use Battery Saver Apps

On the Google Playstore there are lots of battery-saving applications, this is an attraction for Android cellphone users to download, the performance of this application actually only stops running applications. You should be able to do this using only the default application or manually cleaning the running application.

The battery saver application itself actually actually makes cellphone performance higher because there are many ads that are required to use internet data to download or display these ads.

5. Dim Screen Brightness

You can see in the phone settings in the battery section, there you can see the most battery usage is made for what performance or for what applications. The most experience, the battery drains quickly due to the maximum screen brightness, this makes the battery run out very quickly. To fix this you can dim the brightness of your cellphone screen.

6. Use Power Saving Mode

The next way to solve the battery drain quickly is to use power saving mode. Now with this mode you don’t have to download a battery saver application. How the power saving mode works is to minimize the brightness of the cellphone, stop applications that are not running and even disable cellular data.

7. Use the HP according to the specifications

If you have a cellphone with minimal ram, don’t force your cellphone to use large applications which of course make the performance of the cellphone higher and then make the cellphone hot.

Use your cellphone wisely, use lite apps if available.

That was the way to deal with a wasteful battery or it runs out quickly. Hope it is useful