How to Overcome HP Dead Due to Total Battery Out

How to Overcome HP Dead Due to Total Battery Out

How to Overcome HP Dead Due to Total Battery Out – Panic incidents often happen to cellphone users whose cellphones don’t turn on after running out of battery. Even when charging, there are no signs of the cellphone continuing to turn on. Panic began to increase and they did not hesitate to immediately take him to the service center.

Actually, we don’t panic because it’s not necessarily your device or cellphone that is damaged and totally dead. Yes, if you handle it yourself, of course you don’t have to pay service fees, especially if your cellphone is still new. Yes, the problems that we catch here certainly know much about the battery from your cellphone itself.

Yes, the battery itself has two types, namely Li-Ion (Lithium Ion) and Li-Po (Lithium Ion Polymer). Both of these batteries have their respective advantages, but for the Li-Po type, it has a few weaknesses that can be said to be annoying if you have a need but the battery runs out.

How to Overcome HP Dead Due to Total Battery Out

Yes, the weakness of this battery cannot be completely empty and if that happens it will be difficult to recover until it is fully recovered. Not infrequently service experts perform a shock system by using a power supply for fishing or slightly charging the battery so that it can be charged again.

So when your cellphone battery uses the Li-Po type, it is recommended not to empty it. If it’s already lowbat, you should just turn it off until you can charge it. So what if it’s already finished and died, what should you do.

The first way you can remove your cellphone battery if it can be removed, and charging it with a frog charger or desktop charger. But what if the battery can’t be removed, aka the planted battery. Maybe you can try the method below

1. Charger about a few hours. Then unplug the charger and press the power button for 1 minute, hold it down, don’t release it. This method can help to turn your cellphone back on.

2. If you can’t, charge it again for about 30 minutes, then try pressing and holding the power button again while it’s still charging, then let it charge for 15 minutes. After turning it on as usual.

3. If you can’t, try removing the sim card and memory first. Remove the battery socket. Wait for a few minutes. Then repeat the first step. This method is quite accurate to revive your cellphone

4. The last one is by means of a shock system. But for this method, you have to be brave and you can see the method on YouTube.

Hopefully this information is useful for all of you. Remember our advice earlier, if it’s turned on, don’t use the cellphone with the Li-Po battery until it’s completely empty because you’ll have trouble turning it on later and if this happens often, your battery could also be damaged quickly.