How to Overcome Hp Xiaomi Redmi 5A Fast Heat | Xiaomi Indonesia 2021

– Xiaomi smartphones often heat up quickly? The constraint of the Xiaomi Redmi 5a smartphone is often found in android users, it is a device that heats up quickly and the smartphone battery is easily drained or wasteful and sometimes causes the smartphone to slow down.

One of the smartphone brands that has a quick heat constraint is the xiaomi brand smartphone, especially xiaomi which uses chipset not only qualcomm snap dragon, kind of on xiaomi redmi note 3 pro and xiaomi redmi note 4 which uses mediatek chipset.

The cause of overheating on this Xiaomi smartphone can be easily overcome, and you don’t have to worry, we need to know in advance the cause of the Xiaomi Redmi 5A being hot and hangs.

Here’s How to Overcome Hp Xiaomi Redmi 5A Fast Heat

The first step : Use Widget Moderately

Most of the installed widgets are usually active and try to update the latest information for users, so this widget can drain processor and memory resources which causes the Xiomi Redmi 5a smartphone to heat up.

NOTE : Check the active widget, when not in use it is better to remove it so that the load of the device is light.

Step Two: Do Not Use HP In Charger Condition

When the Xiomi Redmi 5a smartphone is charging, the device usually heats up easily, which is actually normal but you should avoid using the smartphone when it is in the charger, because excessive heat can damage the battery.

Third step : Close Running Apps

To overcome the Xiomi Redmi 5a smartphone overheating quickly is by limiting the apps that run in the background, so even if the android app doesn’t open actually the app is still running in the background, meaning that these resources will continue to be used by the app, this can also cause the Xiomi Redmi 5a smartphone heat up fast.

Step Four: Adjusting Screen Brightness

A screen that is too bright will obviously burden your smartphone device and will make the Xiomi Redmi 5a smartphone battery consumption quickly wasteful, therefore, you should adjust the screen brightness or setting it to automatic.

NOTE : To activate the screen brightness so that it is automatically on a xiaomi cellphone, the method is as follows:

First you go to the settings menu, Settings, then look for display / design select Brightness or brightness level then activate the automatic brightness button.

Step Five: Update ROM to Latest Version

The Rom version greatly affects the performance of Xiaomi smartphones, the ROM version is always updated to fix problems encountered in the field. Therefore, if you find that your Xiaomi Redmi 5A smartphone gets hot quickly and easily hangs, try updating to the latest ROM.

That’s the tutorial on how to Overcome the Xiaomi Redmi 5A Hp Heat Fast, I hope the article above is useful and useful, if anyone wants to ask about a Xiaomi smartphone, you can leave it in the comments column. Thank you.