How to Overcome Samsung J5 Touchscreen Not Sensitive

How to Overcome Samsung J5 Touchscreen Not Sensitive

How to Fix Samsung J5 Touchscreen Not Sensitive – Of course at this time samrtphone using a touchscreen. The use of the touchscreen is so that we can do the things we want such as calling, texting, chatting, social media and so on. So what if the touchscreen on our smartphone is not sensitive. Usually loud, there is a pause when touching, the point is not responsive.

This incident often occurs in low-end smartphones from ordinary brands, but it is possible that some upper-middle-class smartphones can experience this. Like the Samsung Galaxy J5 which has problems like this. Yes, the admin’s friend’s smartphone is having problems with the touchscreen as we told you above.

The admin also tried to help find a solution and did the 3 ways below which were finally able to return the Samsung Galaxy J5 touchscreen to its original state, namely responsive and no longer loud. Here are 3 ways that the admin does and maybe you can try on your smartphone, not even for the Samsung Galaxy j5, this method can also be applied to other smartphones.

How to Overcome Samsung J5 Touchscreen Not Sensitive

1. Clear RAM

Usually full RAM can make smartphone performance slow, including the responsiveness of the touchscreen. Therefore, please do clear RAM so that the use of wasted RAM can be cleaned. This event usually occurs because the user did not close the application properly so that the unused application is still running and of course it still reduces RAM. If this first method still doesn’t make your touchscreen responsive, then please try the second method.

2. Restart Samsung Galaxy J5

The second way the admin does is by restarting the Samsung Galaxy J5. By restarting like this, the smartphone will actually clean up the use of RAM that may have been almost fully used so that the touchscreen becomes insensitive. But if after restarting it’s still unresponsive, try the third method.

3. Perform touch screen calibration

The last way the admin does is to calibrate and at this step the Samsung J5 touchscreen returns to normal. Now, to do this, open the settings menu from looking for hp calibration settings. And then try to follow the steps. If you don’t understand, we suggest you watch the tutorial on YouTube.

That’s 3 Ways to Overcome the Insensitive Samsung J5 Touchscreen that admin. Thank God these 3 ways have made the sensitive Samsung Galaxy J5 touchscreen belonging to an admin friend back to normal. Well, if the method above doesn’t help, my friend, the possibility of our analysis is that there is damage to the touchscreen. You can take it to a service center or you can replace it yourself.