How to Overcome the BPJS Health Application Captcha Not Showing

The BPJS Health application on smartphone devices currently uses Captcha as a security feature to log into the application in addition to entering the username and password.

The captcha is a challenge code containing a series of random letters and numbers that you have to retype. The captcha function is to ensure that only humans can enter, because the system or so-called bots will find it difficult to read the captcha because of the unique character shape.

The existence of a captcha in the BPJS Health application as an additional security function is quite important to secure user data, but in some cases when you are going to login to the BPJS Health application, the captcha does not appear which causes you to be unable to enter the application.

The admin has also experienced something like this and has found a solution, the problem doesn’t seem to be caused by a bug or system failure in the BPJS Kesehatan application, but we log in insecurely through a VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection.

Steps to overcome captcha not appearing in the BPJS Health application

1. Turn off your VPN connection

If you use a VPN application on a smartphone, temporarily turn off the application and then reopen the BPJS Health Application.

2. If it doesn’t work, clean the BPJS Health Application data through the settings menu on your smartphone. In this example, the admin uses a Xiaomi smartphone with MI UI 11. The difference in brand and type of smartphone makes the steps may be slightly different but in general the same.

2.1 Enter the menu Settings / Arrangement.

2.2 Select a menu App / Application.

2.3 Select Manage Apps.

2.4 Select app JKN mobile.

2.5 Tap Clear Data.

Until here, try to reopen the BPJS Health application, congratulations the captcha code has appeared.