How to Overcome the Lazy Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Battery

How to Overcome the Lazy Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Battery

How to Overcome the Lazy Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Battery – The big and latest smartphone from Samsung, the Galaxy Note 8, does have a massive battery. This is indeed designed so that the smartphone is quite thin and of course light. The screen is 6.3 inches but the battery is still 3300mAh.

Recently, Samsung Gaalxy Note 8 users are still complaining about the battery draining quickly. This is certainly a problem for those who are busy working and related to smartphone use. So, friends, below are some tips from us to reduce the use of the Galaxy Note 8 battery to keep it efficient and not wasteful.

How to Overcome the Lazy Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Battery

1. Turn Off Unused Networks

If you are not using wifi or bluetooth, you should just turn it off. Our habit is often forget to turn off the wifi network even though there is no connection. Enabling wifi and bluetooth can drain battery usage.

2. Disable apps that can drain battery

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is equipped with Android Nougat which is great at managing background processes, plus the power of Samsung which has its own features. You can see the status of applications that are running and which applications are running that drain a lot of battery. Close the application if it is not used anymore.

3. Disable Google Play and Galaxy Apps Automatic Updates

If you enable automatic app updates on both Google Play and Galaxy Apps then this has little to do with your battery. The system does not care about the battery state if any application is updated.

4. Power Saving Mode

The easiest way is to activate the power saving mode. This mode will save battery usage. After you enable saving mode, the system will reduce screen brightness, slow down the processor, bypass background network, and turn off the standby screen.

5. Turn off data or airplane mode

If the place you are in is difficult to get a signal, the wise choice is to disable data or activate airplane mode. Because the smartphone will work hard to find a signal and that’s when the battery is also drained, marked by the smartphone starting to heat up.

So that’s how to deal with a wasteful Samsung Galaxy Note 8 battery, every action has an impact. To overcome the wasteful battery because you are really busy, you should use a power bank. I hope this information is helpful.