How to Pay Taxes Online Without Going to the Post Office Anywhere and Anytime

Good news for post office friends, now Pos is increasingly pampering its customers with online tax payment facilities and can be done anywhere and anytime. By reading this article, friends will be more helpful in paying taxes so you don’t have to leave the house and proof of tax payments containing NTPN as a State Revenue Transaction Number can be obtained directly on your Smartphone and email that is active and registered in the system.

Then how to make online tax payments without having to come to the post office?

The method is very easy, namely by utilizing the latest product from the Post Office, namely Pospay Mobile.

Here’s how to pay taxes online at the post office anytime and anywhere without having to queue or come to the post office counter:

  1. Install the Pospay application (Pospay Mobile), here is the link how to install: How to Install Pospay Post Office on Android or Smartphone
  2. Fill in the balance, it can be at the post office or via bank transfer in the Pospay system
  3. Make Tax Payments Independently and Online at Pospay Mobile, here is the link for the payment method: How to Pay MPN-G3 Taxes Using the Post Office’s Pospay Mobile App
  4. For proof of payment, you can directly save it as a photo or image, and it will automatically enter the email

Easy isn’t it? Please take advantage of the convenience of paying taxes online without having to go to the post office counter or queue easily, anytime and anywhere.

Quoted from the Google Playstore page owned by the Pos Indonesia Developer Team that POSPAY is a Giropos account-based digital platform that is given to Giropos account holders so that they can access Giropos services and other postal financial transaction services ‘mobile’.

By using ‘POSPAY’ you are given the convenience and facilities of ‘mobile’ financial transaction services that can be accessed anytime and anywhere, such as:

  1. Bill Payment Services: Payment of various bills: Electricity, PDAM, Motorbike Installments, Cars, BPJS, Purchase credit, electricity tokens and many more.
  2. Remittance via Instant Weselpos service. Send money as fast as sms.
  3. Financial Management through Giropos Service: saving funds in a Giropos account is easy, safe and convenient.
  4. Scan QR Code facility for payment/purchase via merchant/Micro Payment based on Giropos Account.
  5. Financial Planning etc.

The ‘POSPAY’ service complements PT Pos Indonesia (Persero)’s previously available network and service points (Point of Sales) around 58,700 points in the form of Post Offices, Agenpos, Mobile Postal Service, and others throughout Indonesia.

Use POSPAY for the convenience and convenience of your financial transaction service needs.