How to Quickly Create a VPS Using Elastic Compute Service (ECS) on Alibaba Cloud

There are two ways to create a VPS on Alibaba Cloud, Quick Launch and Custom Launch. Quick Launch is a quick way to set up a VPS on Alibaba Cloud by cutting out offers and options that aren’t always needed. While Custom Launch offers many options that you can choose and adjust to the needs of your VPS usage.

The following tutorial only explains the quick way, Quick Launch.

1. Login to the Alibaba Cloud Console via

2. Select Elastic Compute Service

3. In the menu on the left, select Instances, then click Create Instance

4. Select Quick Launch

5. On Region, please select the desired server location. In general, the closer the location of the server to the user, the faster the time to access the server. If the target user is in Indonesia, you should choose a server in Jakarta.

6. Instance Type, please select the size of the instance capacity (how many vCPU and memory)

System Disk is the amount of hard disk capacity for the system
Data Disk is the amount of Harddisk capacity for Data (Data partition), on Quick Launch is not offered Data Disk

7. In column Image, please select the operating system and its version.

8. Network Billing Method, You can choose whether you want to get a Public IP or not, if you choose to use a Public IP, you will be offered a Pay-By-Bandwidth or Pay-By-Traffic payment system. Please adjust it according to your needs, this configuration affects the amount of the subscription fee.

9. On Duration, you will be offered a choice of length of subscription period, as well as the option of billing Auto-renewal or uncheck if you don’t want Auto-renewal

10. At the very bottom, there is a total subscription fee according to the options you choose. If it’s OK, click Preview

Note: At Quick Launch, there is no Pay-As-You-Go billing option. The option is quite interesting, because we only pay according to the amount of resources we use. Pay-As-You-Go is available at Custom Launch.

11. A Pop Up will appear, Click Confirm Product Features and Purchase

12. Check the Terms of Service, then click Create Order