How to Record Screen in Windows 10 without Apps

Windows 10 by default can record the screen display into a video file. This method requires no external application, is easy to do and the resulting video is without the watermark which is usually annoying.

The trick you just need to open the application or game that you want to record then press the shortcut logo windows + G on the keyboard.

It will automatically open the default Windows 10 application called Xbox Game Bar.

There are many features that you can use. Its main feature is taking screenshots and screen recordings. You can find this feature in the Capture panel. The following are the details of the function of the buttons on the panel.

Tombol Take Screenshot (1) useful for taking screenshots of which the result is an image file. A quick way to access this feature is by pressing the Win key. + Alt + Prtscrn.

Record last 30 sec (2) useful for capturing screen recordings from the previous 30 seconds. This function is very useful if you want to capture the moment, especially in a game that has just passed. This method is better than if you record the screen from scratch and only take certain moments. Quick steps to access this feature by pressing the Win key. + Alt + G.

Start Recording (3) useful for taking screen recordings. To finish recording, you need to press the stop recording button. A quick way to access this feature is by pressing Win. + Alt + R.

Turn mic on / off (4) useful for setting whether you want to record sound from the mic on your device or not. A quick way to access this feature is by pressing Win. + Alt + M

Broadcast (5) useful for broadcasting live broadcasts of your screen display, intended for game broadcasts. But unfortunately this feature is no longer available in the latest Windows 10 update.

Show all captures You can click to display the screenshots and screen recordings that you have taken previously. You can also find these results in the Captures folder.

By accessing the Xbox Game Bar you can also find out graphs of your device’s resource usage such as how many percent of CPU, RAM, and GPU capabilities are used and how many FPS (Frames per second) or how fast the image per second is generated. The higher the FPS number, the smoother the movement in a game will appear.

In addition, you can also adjust how much sound is produced from each application. For example, you can set Spotify from 1 to 100, the higher the volume number, the greater the sound produced. If you want to set Spotify as background sound, you can adjust it by reducing the volume number.

The drawback of the Xbox Game Bar is that when you record you can only record one running application. If while recording you switch applications, the recording automatically stops and the results are saved in the Xbox Game Bar Gallery or in the Captures folder.