How to Redeem Mobile Legends Vouchers on GameMax Packages

Redeem Mobile Legends Voucher, when you buy the GamesMAX Unlimited Play Mobile legend Package, you will receive an sms to get a Mobile Legends Voucher as much as 56 diamonds, the Voucher code must be exchanged / redeemed on the DuniaGames application so that it can be used

To get a Voucher code, you must first buy the Telkomsel GamesMAX package, after a successful purchase, you will automatically get the Voucher Code

so we can Top Up diamond 56 in the Mobile legend game for free, therefore we also need our Server ID and User ID, so that our diamonds can enter our account, don’t get lost

in this tutorial I will use the DuniaGames application to Exchange Mobile Legends Vouchers to Diamonds, for a more complete tutorial read below

What is Mobile Legends Voucher

Mobile Legends voucher is a voucher code that can be used to exchange codes for diamonds on the legend mobile application, with certain applications such as Game World,

How to Redeem Mobile Legends Vouchers on GameMax Packages

How to Redeem Mobile Legends Vouchers on GameMax Packages

How to Claim a Mobile legend Voucher on DuniaGames

you need to prepare the mobile legend voucher code first, or you can copy it first

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  • Open the DuniaGames App
  • Select on the Voucher Menu (bottom middle)
  • then select on REDEEM
  • enter the mobile legend voucher code that you got
  • After that enter your Mobile legend user ID and Server ID

Wait a few minutes, then you can check your Mobile legend account,

Diamods mobile legend will definitely increase

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if you are not clear with the tutorial I conveyed you can comment below, or ask CS Duniagames for more information