How to Register a GoCar Gojek Driver Online

list gocar online Hello friends, a group of teenagers, if you have a car that is idle or rarely used, it’s better, we register as a Gocar Driver on Gojek, therefore I will give a tutorial, namely How to Register a GoCar Gojek Driver Online easily and quickly.

Previously I have also discussed how to register for Goride on Gojek Online, this time I will discuss how to become a Gocar driver on Gojek, Gocar itself is an online transportation by car, therefore I recommend you to have your own personal immobil, so it’s fast pass to be a gocar driver on gojek

remember if you want to register as a gocar driver you must have a sim a and be reliable in driving a car, the working system of gocar itself is like an online taxi

What is Go Car

Go-Car or GoCar is an online taxi service from the Go-Jek company, GoCar is a means of transportation that provides convenience and ease of ordering to be delivered to the destination. GoCar itself is an online taxi owned by the Gojek company.

Find out the benefits that you can get if you join as a GO-CAR Partner:

  • Transparent and clear bonus scheme
  • 1 day income disbursement, easy and fast
  • Minimum deposit is only IDR 1
  • Busy orders with competitive rates
  • Other benefits such as: Hajj/Umrah savings, insurance, workshop discounts, BPJS, etc
  • Management is more cooperative

Benefits of joining as a Gocar Driver on Gojek

there are many advantages and advantages that you can get from joining as one of the gocar drivers, including the following:

Clear and 100% Transparent Income Scheme

  • Total income and bonuses up to IDR 3 million / week.
  • Daily income up to IDR 300,000
  • Daily bonus up to IDR 350,000 (Jabodetabek)
  • Daily bonus up to IDR 750,000 (Outside Jabodetabek)

Ease of disbursement of income 24 hours, every day.

Free to choose orders based on the destination address.

you need to prepare terms and conditions to become a Gocar partner on gojek, what are the conditions needed can be seen below

Terms and conditions of becoming a Gocar Driver

For that, see the terms and conditions to become a GO-CAR Partner below

Requirements for aspiring Gocar Drivers

  • Prospective Partners must have an Android smartphone
  • Prospective Partners must have a Gmail e-mail account
  • Have an ID card with the following conditions:
  • Mandatory Indonesian Citizen (WNI)

Minimum 17 years old and maximum 65 years old at the time of registration (no health certificate required)

  • Bring an active ID card (original)
  • Attach a KK (if using a receipt ID / original ID card is not clear / no more domicile is needed)
  • Have a Certificate of Domicile (especially the address on the ID card is different from the address of residence)
  • SIM with active status = Carry SIM A / SIM A General / SIM D2 / SIM B1
  • Have a Police Record Certificate (SKCK) with the following conditions:
  • Have a savings bank account

Mandatory Car Requirements for Gocar

  • Maximum year of car output 8 years (starting from registration)
  • Car engine with a minimum capacity of 1000 cc
  • Have a vehicle with an active year and car tax
  • The types of GoCar cars are MVP, Crossover, City Car, SUV, and various other types of cars that meet the age limit of GoCar cars

Complete Tutorial How to Register GoCar Gojek Drivers Online Easily and Quickly

GoCar Drivers

How to Register a GoCar Gojek Driver Online

How to Register a GoCar Gojek Driver Online

before that you need to prepare the requirements to become a gocar gojek driver, if you have you can pay attention to the online gocar driver list tutorial below

  • open the Google Chrome app
  • then Access and Visit the Gocar Gojek Registration Link HERE
  • then fill in all the available forms, with your identity according to your ID card

First name
Last name

  • then Click on I agree to the Terms and Conditions
  • then press “Register”

at this stage you have finished registering Gocar online, for the next stage below

After registering, you will receive an SMS verification code to your number, enter the code, the code is a 4-digit number

How to Complete the Gocar Gojek Profile

  • then we fill in all the forms provided, among others

Emergency Mobile Number
Current address
Bank account
Previous job

  • After completing the form, press “Continue”

at the next stage we are asked to fill out and upload the gocar document for the tutorial below

How to Upload/Upload Documents for Gocar

previously we have prepared the documents, such as photos, driver’s license, SKCk, KTP and STNK, we can scan all these documents, or take photos using your cellphone, my advice is to just scan it to make it clearer, make sure the photo of the document is clear and the writing can be scanned. read

  • upload all documents i.e.

ID card
vehicle registration


  • Then press “Send”

Done, if you follow all the steps correctly, you will definitely pass, the next step is we are just waiting for an SMS notification from the gojek party

if you pass and meet the registration requirements, you will be called to do a test and complete the documents that have been inserted. Invitations will be sent via SMS,

Online Go-Jek Driver Listing Video Tutorial

That’s a short tutorial that I can explain to you, namely How to Register a GoCar Gojek Driver Online, if you don’t understand, you can ask in the comments column.