How to Register a Gojek Gojek Driver Online

goride Driver List, Hello friends, this time I will give a tutorial on how to register for a Gojek or how to register to become a Gojek Driver easily and quickly online.

All Go-Jek registration tutorials online can be done at home without the need to come to the nearest Go-Jek branch office, registering for Go-Jek online is easy, we just fill out the online form provided.

we only need an active number and email to register online for gojek, for the tutorial, I will discuss it below

Benefits of Being a Goride Partner at Gojek

  • Free to Set Time and Income Level

Flexible working hours give you the freedom to determine the working hours, according to your wishes. Earn up to millions of rupiah per month.

  • More diverse opportunities

Besides being a GO-RIDE partner, you can also get orders from various types of GO-JEK services throughout the day, including GO-FOOD, GO-MART, GO-SEND.

Join as a GoRide Partner

by becoming a GoRide Partner, your working hours will be more flexible. By becoming a GoRide partner, you are free to determine the working hours according to your wishes.

In addition to being a GoRide partner, you can also take orders from other Gojek services, such as GoFood, GoShop, GoMart, GoSend, and GoMed.

Requirements to register as a Gojek Partner on Gojek

Requirements to register as a Gojek Partner on Gojek

The following are the terms and conditions before you can register a Gojek partner you need to comply as below

  • 17 – 65 years old
  • Have an original e-KTP or KTP or receipt or biodata certificate from Disdukcapil*
  • Have an active SIM C or D1**
  • Minimum vehicle year 2011
  • Have a 4 stroke motorcycle with a maximum of 250 cc
  • Have an active STNK, a maximum year of manufacture 8 years, and an active motorcycle tax
  • Have a Police Record Certificate (SKCK)***
  • Own an Android smartphone
  • Have an email with a Gmail domain, for example collections of [email protected]

Additional information

  • Prospective drivers must attach a KK if using a receipt ID card or the original ID card is not clear
  • KTP receipts from Disdukcapil must be legalized.
  • If the Disdukcapil receipt ID card has expired and the ID card has not yet been issued, you can use a biodata certificate that must be legalized.
  • TNI/Polri cannot use a TNI/Polri SIM
  • TNI and Polri can be replaced with KTA and Leadership Certificate
  • Photocopy of SKCK must be legalized

Tutorial on How to Easily Register Gojek Drivers on Gojek Online

How to Register for Gojek Drivers on Gojek Online

How to Register a Gojek Gojek Driver

  • First of all, make sure you already have an active email and number,
  • then open the google chrome application
  • Then access and visit the Gojek Gojek Registration Official website HERE
  • fill out all available online forms

First name
Last name
Mobile/Telephone Number

  • after filling out all the forms provided, then tick I agree to the Terms and Conditions
  • then press on “Register”

  • then you will automatically receive an email from gojek
  • Please check the email used for registration earlier. Next “email verification”

at this stage the registration process to become a gojek driver has been successful, then we are just waiting for more information via email. So check your email often, who knows your application has been received
If your application is accepted by Gojek, you will receive a call from Gojek via SMS to come to the Gojek office accompanied by the documents listed above.

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Example of an email message received from Gojek

Based on data during registration on our website, you are currently not working for an online transportation company. By coming to our operating office, our team will check and you will immediately become a GO-RIDE driver. For the next process, please wait for an invitation via SMS to the number you have registered and bring the following requirements during registration:
1. Bringing an Android smartphone
2. Bring original SIM C and a valid photocopy
3. Bring the original ID card and a photocopy that is still valid
4. Bring the Motorcycle Owner’s KTP (if the motorbike is not privately owned)
5. Bring the original motorcycle STNK and a photocopy that is still valid
6. Bring the original SKCK and a photocopy that is still valid


  • Prospective drivers must have an Android smartphone
  • Prospective drivers must have an active SIM C
  • Prospective drivers must provide a motorbike with an active STNK

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Gojek Gojek Driver List Online Video Tutorial

if you are not clear with the tutorial How to Register a Gojek Gojek Driver Online that I gave above you can see the video tutorial below

That’s your brief information about How to Register a Gojek Gojek Driver Online, hopefully it can help you register and find a job online, if it’s still not clear, you can ask in the comments column below or chat directly with the admin