How to Register an Indosat Oreedoo MPWR Digital Card

MPWR Digital Card Activation, after you have received the digital card, you can activate or register your own Indosat Oreedoo MPWR card by using the MPWR application, which you can download for free on Playstore.

The MPWR card registration process is quite easy, you don’t need to go to the credit counter to ask for help to register your new MPWR digital starter pack, just use the MPWR application, you can do the MPWR digital card activation process yourself.

The procedure in activating the MPWR card we need to enter identity data in the form of NIK, KK and ICCID number on the MPWR card, so that it can be active, make sure you enter the data correctly and don’t get it wrong

What is MPWR Digital Card Activation

MPWR Card Activation is a process that must be done for every new starter pack to be active, this process usually uses the original NIK and KK Data,

make sure you fill in your NIK and KK identity data correctly, so that the MPWR card registration / activation process can be easy, and not repeat the activation process again

Tutorial on how to register / activate a new MPWR digital card

Tutorial on how to register / activate a new MPWR digital card

for the Indosat MPWR Card Activation Method, you can do it in 2 ways, namely by using the MPWR Official application or you can also use SMS at 4444

make sure you have received your MPWR card, because the registration process requires an ICCID number on the SIM card, because each new number / starter card has a different ICCID number

  • First of all Insert the SIM card into the slot on your cellphone
directly input the MPWR digital card Sim card in the empty simcard slot on your cellphone

  • Then Open the app MPWR

When the application is open, you will see that the status of the card has arrived or Arrived. Click Activate my MPWR.

  • Fill in the Fill in the detailed information correctly

Enter number KTP, KK, and ICCID. (scan the barcode on the packaging envelope) into the form provided

New Prime Activation of MPWR Digital Card

  • Wait a few seconds. Until your card can be used

After your card is active, you will usually get an SMS from 444 which contains your card is active and needs to be rebooted

You can reboot your cellphone, to get a stable connection quality from the Indosat network

if you have difficulty Activating, Registering MPWR Digital card, you can ask in the comments column below, to get help from our TEAM or you can ask MPWR Support