How to Register Go-Jek Go Life Partners Online

List of GoLife Partners online Hello friends, this time the admin will provide a job vacancy to become a Go Life partner, therefore I will provide a complete and easy tutorial How to register a Go Life Partner Online

Go Life itself is an online service that provides a variety of services in one application, ranging from online services massage, therapy and wellness to home care and maintenanceNow all of these services can be ordered online, so you don’t have to bother looking for these services

Golife itself is one of the service programs from Gojek, many people mention Golife Gojek, to register as a partner of Golife can be done online and offline (come to the office directly),

To register for Golife Partners Online, you must prepare documents and requirements such as Uploading a Photo ID, Company Legalization,

What is Golife

Golife is a massage, therapy and fitness service to home care and maintenance that can be ordered online Golife itself is one of Gojek’s services.

Services from Go Life

there are 3 main services from golife namely Go Message, Go Clean, Go Auto, all of these services I will discuss one by one below

Go Message

GO-MASSAGE is a line of business from GO-JEK INDONESIA which is engaged in providing application-based professional massage services.

If you are a massage/spa therapist with min. 1 year in massage services, max. 50 years old, and have an Android phone,

Go Clean

GO-CLEAN is an application-based on-demand cleaning service, here you can set your own working time.

the maximum age requirement is 50 years.

Go auto

GO-AUTO is an application-based on-demand vehicle maintenance service

it’s the same with Go Clean you as a partner to manage your own work time.

the maximum age requirement is 50 years.

Why Should You Join Golife

  1. ACCESSIBILITY = With an application owned by more than 10 million consumers, you are able to serve customers on a larger and more diverse scale
  2. INCREASE INCOME = GO-LIFE is able to provide additional sources of income.
  3. EXPANSION = Expand your business reach to various cities in Indonesia.

Complete Tutorial How to Register Go Life Partners Online

How to Register Go Life Partners Online

How to Register Golife Online

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  • First of all, make sure you already have an active email and number,
  • then open the google chrome application
  • then access and visit the official Golife Gojek registration site HERE
  • fill out all available online forms

Mobile Number
BUSINESS UNIT Go Clean Or Go Messege
Select CITY

How did you know Golife : Website

Additional information

Your company profile can be in the form of: Certification and/or front view of Business License/Company Registration Certificate (in PDF or PNG format)

Golife registration process
  • if all forms are filled then we will verify Robot
  • Then press “Join” to register as a Golife partner
  • finished

then we are just waiting for more information via email. So check your email often, who knows your application has been received
If your application is accepted by Gojek, you will get a call from Gojek via SMS to come to the nearest Gojek branch office accompanied by the documents listed above.

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That’s a short tutorial on How to Register Go Life Gojek Partners Online, hopefully it can help alleviate unemployment in Indonesia, if the tutorial isn’t clear, you can ask in the comments column below