How to Register Grab Bike Partners Online

Grabbike register online , now there are so many online motorcycle taxis and even used as a profitable job, many of my friends who have become Grab Bike partners get a monthly salary of 3 million – 5 million, Therefore I will give a tutorial on How to Register a Grab Bike Partner Online

Grab online registration is very easy, we only prepare the required documents such as KTP, SKCK etc., which are used to register as Grab Bike partners,

being a Grab partner is also very suitable if you have a lot of free time, to get coffers of money

What is GrabBike

Grab Bike is a motorcycle taxi transportation service that can be ordered online using your smartphone, you can order a motorcycle taxi to take you to your destination

such as: delivering to your campus

Benefits of joining GrabBike

There are many advantages and advantages that you can get from registering and joining as one of GrabBike partners, including the following:

  • FLEXIBLE = Bikers can choose the right working time according to their needs and can choose to take passengers or packages/documents
  • GOOD INCOME = Opportunity to earn up to tens of millions per month
  • GUARANTEED = For every trip GrabBike provides accident insurance up to max. IDR 55 million

Grab Bike Partner Requirements

Before you want to register as a Grab Bike partner you must meet the requirements below

Grab Bike Partner Candidate Requirements

  • Indonesian Citizen Maximum age 55 years old
  • Physically healthy (no physical deficiency) and spiritually
  • Have a decent motorbike that meets the criteria from GrabBike
  • Can read and write
  • Mastering the Jabodetabek area
  • Fill out the registration form.
  • Photocopy of valid ID card
  • Photocopy of SIM C that is still valid
  • Domicile Certificate (For KTP outside the city / KTP address is different from the current residential address)
  • Copy of valid STNK
  • Photocopy of Latest Family Card
  • Health certificate from a doctor for age more than equal to 50 years M.
  • A valid Police Record Certificate (SKCK).
  • Pay the initial top-up money of Rp. 150.000,- for those who pay in installments on their cellphones.
  • Pay the initial top-up fee of IDR 100,000 if you already have a cellphone (min. Android with 1 MB RAM capacity).

Terms of Type of Motor Grab Bike

What types of motorbikes can be registered with GrabBike?
Non-trekking type, the body is still worth driving, and the engine can still operate well

  • The physical condition of the motor is complete and still suitable for use;
  • Minimum year of motorcycle production is 2008;
  • The machine is well maintained and safe to drive.

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Complete Tutorial How to Register Grab Bike Partners Online

How to Register Grab Bike Partners Online

How to Register for GrabBike Online

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  • open the Google Chrome app
  • Then open the official GrabBike Registration website HERE
  • After that, we can fill in the identity form correctly and according to your ID card

First name
Last name
Mobile Number
Select City

I agree to the terms & conditions that apply
I have read, understand and agree to Grab’s Privacy Policy.

  • after all have been filled Press “Register Now”
  • Wait until you get the OTP code sent via SMS to the mobile number you registered. Enter the 4-digit OTP code you received to login.
  • then we fill in personal data along with uploading administrative completeness in the form of files that have been described previously. Click SUBMIT if you have completed all the requirements.

Done, at this stage you have completed the online registration to become a Grab Bike partner

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You just need to wait for a confirmation call for selection which is usually sent via email. For that, make sure you always check your email inbox so you don’t miss any information.

That’s a short tutorial that I can convey to you about How to Register a Grab Bike Partner Online, you can try it, if it’s not clear you can ask in the comments column