How to Remote Computer Using AnyDesk

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AnyDesk is a popular application used to remotely (control) a computer from another computer using an internet connection.

The working principle is simple, the remote computer will send a screen manipulation display that is sent to another remote computer to be controlled.

To use it, you only need to download and run the AnyDesk application on the remote computer and the remote computer. Control using the mouse and keyboard from the remote computer just like using a remote computer.

AnyDesk can be used even without being installed, but it would be better if you install AnyDesk to get more access features. AnyDesk can be installed on various devices and operating systems such as Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, iOS, Free BSD, Raspberry Pi and Chrome OS.

Table of contents:

  1. Install and Use AnyDesk on Windows
  2. Using AnyDesk Remote Control on Android
  3. Remotely Multiple Computers at Once
  4. Setting Password AnyDesk
  5. Conclusion

Install and Use AnyDesk on Windows

1. Download AnyDesk on the device that will do the remote and on the remote via the following link

2. Instal AnyDesk on the device.

3. Here ID AnyDesk on the computer to be remote.

4. Enter the ID AnyDesk on the computer that will remotely, then click Connect.

5. Click Accept on a remote computer.

6. At this point, the computer can be remote and remote.

You can set permissions to restrict access to the remote computer before clicking Accept Remote.


  1. Allow to take control. If enabled, the remote computer can control the remote computer using the mouse and keyboard. If disabled, the remote computer can only see the display manipulation of the remote computer.
  2. Allow to use clipboard, If enabled, remote computers can copy-paste text or files
  3. Allow to use file manager. If enabled, computers can share files.
  4. Allow to hear sound. If enabled, the remote computer can receive sound from the remote computer.
  5. Allow to create TCP tunnels. Used for remote between local networks.
  6. Allow to lock dekstop on session end. When the remote session is finished, the computer will be locked
  7. Allow to record session. Used to record remote sessions.
  8. Allow to draw on screen. If enabled, the remote computer can draw.
  9. Allow to enable privacy mode. If enabled, the remote from the unknown device only shows a black screen and cannot be controlled.

Using AnyDesk Remote Control on Android

You can use your Android device to remotely the computer. Here’s how:

1. Download and install AnyDesk Remote Control of Play Store.

2. Open the application then download and install plugin.

3. After successfully installing the plugin, open the AnyDesk Remote Control application again.

4. The number in the Your Address column is ID AnyDesk your Android device, is used to remotely your Android device.

Instead, Enter the AnyDesk ID of the other device in the Remote Address field then tap the arrow to the right to remotely access the other device from your Android device.

5. Accept Remote on the remote device.

6. At this point, you can remotely other devices from your Android device.

Remotely Multiple Computers at Once

You can also remotely more than one computer using AnyDesk. The trick is in the AnyDesk application, click the “+” sign (new tab) then enter the ID of the other device and then click connect.

Setting Password AnyDesk

So that you don’t need to accept remotely on a remote computer, you can enter a password on the remote computer. After that, it is enough to enter the ID and Password of the remote computer to do the remote.

In this way, it will be more effective because it does not require other user actions to click accept remotely. Here are the steps:

1. Click Set password for unattended access…

2. In the Interactive Access column, select Always show incoming session requests. The point is that the computer can always be remotely at any time even if the AnyDesk application is not opened.

In the Unattended Access column click Set password for unattended access… to specify a password.

3. Set a password then click Apply.

4. From the remote computer, after entering the ID, a column will appear Authorization. Enter the password then click OK.

5. At this point, you can do the remote using the ID and password without accepting the remote on the remote computer.


AnyDesk is an application used to remotely between devices. Can be downloaded and installed on various operating systems. The AnyDesk app is free but to get more features you need a subscription.