One of the most important security features that every smartphone must have today is the cellphone pattern which is one of the most important security features. But unfortunately, there are still people who even they forget their own cell phone pattern.

The existence of this cellphone pattern was actually made by Android not without reason, just imagine if your cellphone is lost and someone else can easily take your cellphone. Because it is not locked, other people can easily retrieve important information that is left there such as your email address, photos or private videos. Not to mention digital shrimp such as Gojek and Ovo which are stored in the application account.

That’s why, although a bit inconvenient, but this feature is very important to use because our security is very much more important.

The only way so that your cellphone can be used again is to do a hard reset of the device or what is commonly called a factory reset. The risks of using this method are; data and files stored on your smartphone will be automatically lost

1. Using the Forgot Pattern feature

This method is easy, just make sure your smartphone is connected to the internet

  • When your smartphone has entered the display as below, select Forgot Pattern.

2. Using another cellphone

  • Prepare your other smartphone first
  • After that, make a call from the other cellphone to your locked cellphone
  • When there is a call, press the home button
  • Then go to the settings menu and disable the lock pattern

3. Hard Reset recovery mode

  • Enter recovery mode by pressing and holding the Power + Volume down button
  • After the Samsung Galaxy logo appears, immediately press the Power + Volume up button
  • Hold for a while until it enters Recovery Mode
  • Select the wipe data/factory reset menu (slide using the volume buttons, then the power button to enter)
  • Select ‘Yes’ using the power button
  • And finally select the Reboot Now menu
  • Wait until the hard reset process is complete, and your cellphone is ready to be used again