How to Save Battery on Samsung Galaxy Note 8

How To Save Battery On Samsung Galaxy Note 8 – The presence of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is indeed very much discussed. Having a fierce specification with a Snapdragon 835 processor and a large and super clear screen will certainly make people attracted to own the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, including the admin, but unfortunately not enough money to buy it.

When it comes to cool and cool smartphones, of course, yes, but what is unfortunate is that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is only equipped with a 33000mAh battery. Of course at this time the battery capacity like that is very small for a large smartphone like the Note 8. When compared to its competitors, of course they carry a larger battery capacity. According to users.

The battery capacity of the Note 8 is also inferior to its predecessor Galaxy Note 7. But behind it all, Samsung may have its own reasons. Yes, it could be for the sake of thin design demands or they are actually considering the battery safety factor. But you actually don’t need to be gloomy and worried because you can save the Galaxy Note 8 battery in several ways. And try to follow the method as below.

1. Set Low Screen Resolution

How to Save Battery on Samsung Galaxy Note 8

This feature to adjust the screen resolution on the Galaxy Note 8 will certainly be very useful for battery savings. You can choose a screen resolution from the highest to the lowest. There are resolution options including HD +, FHD +, Quad HD +. You can choose HD+ to save your Galaxy Note 8 battery.

2. Dark Colored Themes and Wallpapers

How to Save Battery on Samsung Galaxy Note 8

The use of white on the theme or wallpaper is certainly very influential in the use of battery power. White color will require a lot of power to display the bright color. AMOLED screens do not have a backlight circuit. So it is a wise choice if you choose themes and wallpapers for power saving on Galaxy Note 8.

3. Activate S Pen Power Saver

How to Save Battery on Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Using the S Pen can also save your Galaxy Note 3 battery. When you pull out the S Pen you can activate the S Pen Power Saver.

4. Setting the Power Server

How to Save Battery on Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Finally, you can activate the Power Saver feature in the battery settings menu. The system will adjust the use of battery power to be more efficient.

So that’s our information or tips to save battery on your Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Indeed, by doing the tips above, maybe you will feel something is missing from the look of your Galaxy Note 8, for example, you like a light theme but you have to replace it with a dark one or you have to reduce the screen resolution which makes it less cool for a high-end smartphone. But that option is the best way to save your battery. Hopefully this information is useful, please comment if you have other suggestions.