How to Save Smartphone Memory from Stacked WhatsApp Photos

It’s time for technology to be more advanced, before there was WhatsApp for chatting, everyone used their chat applications such as BBM and Line. WhatsApp was first in Indonesia until November 2010

The development year after year when the whatsapp application appeared they switched to an application called whatsappp with almost the same basic as fuel but the difference is, this whatsapp application has no ads at all so it saves quota and the weakness is when people send pictures or videos automatically will be stored into our smartphone memory when we click the download so that our memory feels full.

To be honest, you must have felt irritated when your smartphone memory was full due to photos and files from WhatsApp.

How to save smartphone memory from accumulated whatsapp photos.

1. The method is quite easy, you only need to download and install a cool application called Hitz Magic Cleaner for WhatsApp. Small size only 9 MB

Magic Cleaner For WA 5.0

2. If it is already installed, open the application Magic Cleaner the. You will be greeted with a “babeh-babeh” who will help in sorting through the photos on your WhatsApp. Press the head to start the analysis.

3. The analysis will begin. The length of the sorting process depends on the number of photos stored on your smartphone. Please note that Magic Cleaner performs per 500 photos every session.

4. After doing the analysis, this application can classify every image that is important or not, even the image is classified as a funny meme and screenshot. Great is not using this application.

5. If you have selected any photos you want to delete, you only need to press icon trash can in the lower right corner. then the photo is automatically deleted by itself

6. Eraser process starts immediately, follow the below command .

7. Continue the process by pressing the button Continue Analysis if there are still photos that you want to analyze and want to delete them

Hooray,,, now the memory on your smartphone has been destroyed or deleted thanks to using this application.