How to search and Find Wifi ID Location

WIFI ID location, hello internet friends, now is the fast paced era especially if you want to get fast and stable internet access, you can use WIFI ID, but you also need to know the address location and find the nearest wifi corner around your area

Therefore, the admin will provide 4 ways that you can do to find out the location of the hotspot wifi id corner around your location, including by way of . Via WIFi ID Official Website, Go Wifi Application, Google Map and Google Search

You also need to know that for now there are 100,000+ hotspots and 6000+ wifi corners throughout Indonesia, from Sabang to Merauke, don’t worry where you don’t have a Wifi Corner

Wifi ID Internet service is super fast and stable because it uses a 5G connection,
Searches related to wifi location id

Usually the Wifi ID signal we find is different, it can be Community, @wifi Id, etc., but in general we can use the @Wifi ID signal network to make it fast and stable

for the wifi id range, it is relatively low because it uses the Indore router type, it is only able to reach an area of ​​​​approximately 200 meters

4 Ways to find and Find Wifi ID Locations Nearby

Find and Locate Wifi ID Nearby

Finding WIFI Location Via WIFI GO . Application

WIFI location Via GO WIFI App

This Wifi Go application is a playing application from Telkom, which has a special function to search and find Wifi locations and Wifi Corners around your place

With this application, you will get the convenience of Wi-Fi SERVICES throughout Indonesia wifi in more than 100K hotspots, 6K wifi corer with SPEEDS up to 100Mbps Operates SEAMLESS (connected Operates automatically).

Features and Advantages of GO Wifi Application

  1. Seamlessly auto connect to the network. Use your voucher and enjoy the internet until you are satisfied.
  2. auto seamlessly connects to the flashzone seamless network for those of you Telkomsel data plan users
  3. Priority setting wifi connection as needed
  4. speed test & Map list Nearby hotspot locations

How to use the Wifi Go App

to use the wifi go application, make sure you have activated the GPS mode on your cellphone, accurately, so that there will be no problems in the application, for the tutorial below

  • Download and install the Wifi GO application

if you don’t have the WIFI GO application download on the Playstore

  • Make sure your GPS mode is on
  • Open the GO Wifi App
  • Then select the Hotspot Finder menu.
  • The application will provide the nearest wifi id from your location.


  • Updated : February 25, 2020
  • Size : 9.9M
  • Install : 500,000+
  • Current Version : 5.9.2
  • Requires Android version : 4.4 and up
  • Content Rating : Rating 3+
  • Offered By ; PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia, Tbk.

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How to Find Wifi ID Location Via Web WIFI ID

Finding Wifi ID Location Via Web WIFI ID

the same as the tutorial above, you also need to activate the GPS feature on your cellphone, so that the data can be viewed accurately

  • Open Google Chrome App
  • Then Visit the WIFI ID Official Site HERE
  • allow access Location/GPS

you will see the location of the wifi id around you, you can click on one to get the complete address information for the wifi id location

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How to Find Wifi ID Location via Google

there are 2 ways you can do to find the location of the wifi id and the hotspot corner by using one of Google’s products, namely Google Maps and Google Maps, to find the signal in the area you want.

Location WIFI ID Via google Map

  • open the Google maps App
  • write in your city wifi search

for example, the admin of a group of teenagers located in Semarang, then the writing is as follows

Wifi ID Semarang

then a list of all wifi id addresses will appear in the city of Semarang

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Location WIFI ID Via Google Search

the same as the tutorial above, we can find the location and address of the wifi id by using the google service, namely google search

  • Type in Google Search

for example, the admin of a group of teenagers located in Semarang, then the writing is as follows

Wifi ID Semarang

then a list of all wifi id addresses will appear in the city of Semarang

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That’s brief information about the location and wifi address around you, if it’s not clear, you can ask in the comments column