How to Send Eid Cakes through the Post Office and Postal Agents

Friends who ask if you can send Lebaran Cakes through the Post Office? So the answer is Yes and very much. Every year Muslims rejoice with the arrival of Ramadhan by saying Marhaban Ya Ramadhan. At the end of Ramadan, for Muslims who are truly fasting in accordance with the guidance of the Shari’a, they will get the predicate of a pious person, at the end of the month of Ramadan, the most awaited time is Eid, namely Eid al-Fitr.

At the Moment of Hari Raya, there will usually be many kinds of Eid cakes in the homes of Muslims in order to celebrate Eid al-Fitr. Now this can be a very happy thing if the Lebaran Cake is sent by relatives from other areas. It could be that the cake sent is a cake typical of each region so that it adds to the joy for all of us.

On the other hand, for friends of who are just starting an online business or who already have a business selling Eid cakes, this is a highly anticipated moment to be able to increase income from the business of selling Eid cakes.

Before we get into how to send Eid cakes through the nearest post office and postal agency, we want to share tips for sending Eid cakes safely through the post office.

Tips for Sending Eid Cakes through the Post Office

  1. Choose a jar or cake holder that is strong and does not break easily. Can be made of Mica or Plastic. Avoid using a glass jar.
  2. Put the Eid cake into the jar neatly, densely and full, make sure there are no gaps or make it shake.
  3. After closing the top of the jar, make sure to provide clear insulator so that the lid does not shake and is strong so that the contents of the Eid cake jar do not spill.
  4. Then cover the jar with Bubble Wrap and put in a thick cardboard, and make sure again there are no gaps and in the carton (no shake)
  5. If there are several jars in one carton, make sure that they are also given a bubble wrap.
  6. The position of the heavier cake is at the bottom.
  7. To strengthen again, you can provide wooden packing so that the packing is stronger after the carton.
  8. Choose the fastest delivery such as Post Express and Special Express. Because if you use a regular package, it will likely take a long time to arrive at the recipient.

Here’s how to send Eid cakes via the post office:

  1. Prepare the Lebaran Cake Package to be sent, make sure you have followed the Eid cake tips above.
  2. Include Name, Full Address and Active Mobile Number on the Destination or Recipient. Then also the name, address and cellphone of the sender.
  3. Come to the nearest post office or postal agent in the city of friends.
  4. Make sure to inform the post office clerk that the contents of the shipment are Lebaran Cakes
  5. The officer will process and check whether the shipment can be forwarded and inform the number of postage according to the weight and destination of the shipment.
  6. Friends/Customers pay, the clerk will provide proof of delivery (receipt). Make sure to keep the receipt until the shipment reaches the recipient’s address, just in case there is a problem so you can complain.
  7. Finished

Easy isn’t it? Well, it’s very easy and that’s how to send Eid cakes at the nearest post office and postal agent in your city. If you find this article useful, please share it with our other brothers and sisters, if you have any questions, please share in the comments section. Happy Ramadan Fasting Worship and Happy Eid Al-Fitr.