How to Send Free SMS Via Mi Message

How to Send Free SMS Via Mi Message

How to Send Free SMS Via Mi Message – For users of this cool smartphone, it will certainly be a loss if you don’t take advantage of the various interesting and sophisticated features that have been embedded in this smartphone. As we know that Xiaomi is one of the vendors that always includes cool features on every hero that is launched to the market. One of the interesting features that you need to try is the Mi Message feature.

The Mi Mesagge feature is a typical Xiaomi short message service feature, which is similar to the iMassage feature on the iPhone. This feature allows you to send SMS as in WhatsApp, BBM, and several other chat applications. And this Mi Message utilizes the phone’s data connection line and not through the operator’s sms line. Now this is what makes this feature free and will not cut your credit.

In the following, we will provide tips regarding How to Send Free SMS Via Mi Message. Let’s see the review below.

1. Create and Activate Mi Account

The first thing you should do as How to Send Free SMS Via Mi Message is to create and activate Mi Account. This account will later be used to enjoy all Xiaomi services such as tracking the location of the phone (phone finder), synchronizing data to Mi Cloud, Mi Themes, Phone Lock, and many more.

How to Send Free SMS Via Mi Message

All you have to do is open the site from your PC or smartphone browser. Then select “Register” and start following the next steps. Actually there are 2 ways to create this Mi Account, namely by using a phone number and the second is by using an email address.

Then if the Mi Account has been verified, then you can immediately set and activate it on your Xiaomi smartphone. Then go to the Settings menu > Mi Account. Then Sign in using the Xiaomi account that you created earlier. When it is first activated, the account will be synced with Mi Cloud. And here, Mi Messages will also sync.

2. Activate Mi Message

If you successfully create and manage the Mi Account, then the next step you have to do is as follows: How to Send Free SMS Via Mi Message is to activate Mi Message. Keep in mind that you have to insert a SIM card in the smartphone. Take the steps to enter the Settings menu > select System Apps > Messaging > Activate Mi Mesagge. If it is active, the toggle will turn blue.

3. Start Sending Mi Message

If you have done various How to Send Free SMS Via Mi Message that has been conveyed above, then start sending short messages for free. How to Choose Messaging > New Messages > specify the contact using Mi Message, which is marked with a blue icon > type and send message.

That’s the information about How to Send Free SMS Via Mi Message what you can do now. Hopefully this information is useful for all of you. See you in our next tips and tricks