How to Send Packages of Sharp Weapons (Swords, Kris, Samurai, Knives) at the Post Office

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Is it possible to send sharp weapons through the post office? The answer is yes! However, it should be remembered and noted that the sharp weapons referred to here are in the category of not violating the laws and regulations in force in the Republic of Indonesia. will share the experience of sending Sharp Weapon Packages through the Post Office, for that please see how to send it correctly.

According to the applicable laws and regulations, sharp weapons that are not prohibited are agricultural tools, such as dodos, egrek, hoes, grass sickles, sharp weapons for household chores or heirlooms and antiques (antique swords, keris heirlooms). , antique samurai, ancient knife). So it’s limited, not just for the use of weapons that can injure other people.

Based on this, here’s how to send sharp weapons through the post office:

1. Shipped With What Product?

According to IATA (International Air Transport Association) rules, weapons including sharp weapons are not allowed to be shipped by air. And by the Post Office the delivery of sharp weapons is possible as long as the category does not violate applicable laws and regulations.

For shipping products available at the post office for delivery, you can use Special Express, Economical Jumbo Packages, Ordinary Postal Packages, all of which are Land Mode (Can’t be done by air), of course if between islands it will be by sea.

The difference from these service products is in the priority of delivery to the recipient and the travel time, for special express 3 to 5 days, economical jumbo packages, 6 to 10 days and Ordinary Packages 10 to 15 days.

2. Shipping Method

  • Shipments of Sharp Weapons Must be Safely Packing, Blades of Sajam Must be Covered with Cardboard, Then Wrapped Again and If Possible, Packed With Wood. If the shipment is in large quantities, the point is impossible to be torn apart during the journey and endanger any party (other packages, loading and unloading officers, postal officers and others). The weight of the shipment will be calculated at the same time as the weight of the packaging.
  • Write name, clear address, recipient’s active cellphone number in the destination section. Then write the name, address and mobile number of the sender in the sender section. Remember the HP number must be active just in case the destination address is not in place or is not clear.
  • Customers come to the nearest post office to send and inform that the contents of the shipment are sharp weapons.
  • The officer will check and make sure the shipment is safe to be sent, if necessary the officer will unpack the shipment again to make sure the shipment is safe. The clerk then weighs the shipment and tells how much the customer has to pay for shipping.
  • If the customer agrees, the Sharp Weapon Package will then be processed by the system and then the customer pays and gets a delivery receipt from the post office counter clerk or postal agent.
  • Keep in mind, keep the receipt of the shipment properly, until the package actually reaches the recipient’s hands, this is useful if one day there is a need to complain about the shipment if it has not arrived or there is a problem.

How long does it take for the package of sharp weapons to reach the customer?

This depends on the product selected and also the area being targeted, estimates according to the type of product selected, namely:

  • Special Express (Land) 3 – 6 Days
  • Economical Jumbo Package 6 – 10 Days
  • Usual Package 10 – 15 Days

All products use land mode because the package sent is a Sharp Weapon that needs special handling.

What Sharp Weapons Can Be Delivered?

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, Sharp Weapons that can be sent are those that meet the provisions of the legislation in force in the Republic of Indonesia.

  • Agricultural Equipment (Hoes, Palm Egrek, Dodos, Grass Sickles, Etc.)
  • Household and Business Appliances (Kitchen Knives, Swords for Slaughtering Livestock, Butcher Knives etc.)
  • Antique or Historic Objects (Heirloom Keris, Antique Samurai, Ancient Sword etc.)

Who Can Send?

Online Merchants, the General Public with the aim of complying with the applicable laws and regulations.

So, hopefully this article will be a reference for all of us, don’t forget to share it with our other brothers so they know it too.