How to Set Http Injector to Support VC and Gaming

Http injector settings, surely you will find some http injector configs that don’t support various applications such as whatsapp or online games, the cause is the server that doesn’t support the application

we need to ask the website provider that creates the SSH account, to tell the port that supports certain applications, because usually the website provider creates an SSH account on purpose, blocking certain ports

or it could be that the server does not support Bad VPN UDPGW, or the package has not been installed on the server which causes the Config Htttp injector or SSH account not to support certain applications

the solution is we can change the SSH account to another website like HideSSH, because I have tested it myself, the SSH account from HideSSH can be used for Video Call and Voice Call Whatsapp and supports all games

Not only that, with Adanay Bad VPN UDPGW will help you to bypass all sites that have been blocked and can access all of these blocked sites.

What is Bad VPN UDPGW

Bad VPN UDPGW is an additional application / package name, or can be called an additional VPN to help OpenSSH and Dropbear be used for VPN access,

because Open SSH and Dropbear include tunneling, not VPN, so there will be an error and will cause the connection to continue when you want to make a Whatsapp video call

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How to Set Http Injector Support VC and Gaming

How to Set Http Injector Support VC and Gaming

before we set up the HTTP Injector application you need to know the port used for the default port is usually 7300, every website of the SSH account maker service provider usually has a different port, therefore you can ask the SSH website provider first

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  • Open the HTTP Injector App
  • then press setting (gear icon)
  • in UDPGW Port, fill in the ssh port according to the SSH service provider

usually very often I find an SSH account builder service provider that uses UDPGW Ports 7100, 7200 and 7300

the most common and frequently used is (7300)

  • save , then return ,
  • Press Start , to run Http Injector Application

then we can try / test to make video calls and try certain online games

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if it works then we have managed to set up the htp injector application so that it supports Video Call, Voice Chat and online games, if you still don’t understand and feel difficult, you can ask in the comments column below