How to Set Xiaomi Yi settings so that the photos look cool | Xiaomi Indonesia 2021

How to set Xiaomi Yi settings so that the photos look cool – Action cameras are indeed very popular with travelers who always document their every trip and activity. To meet the needs of action cameras in the lower middle class, the Xiaomi Yi Camera, which was initiated by a vendor from China who also produces this smartphone, is very popular in the market. In addition to the low price, the quality of the Xiaomi Yi camera is also not inferior to a number of other action cameras.

The camera inserted in the Xiaomi Yi features a backside illuminated Sony Exmor R CMOS sensor with video camera resolution up to 1080p at 60 fpa and 720 video at 120 fps. So, this contemporary camera is indeed very helpful to support your photography and videography hobbies.

Well this time we will discuss a little about how to use the Xiaomi Yi camera, here is the review.

How to Change Xiaomi Yi WiFi Name and Password

  • If you want to change the Xiaomi Yi WiFi name and password, you must do so while the camera is connected to the smartphone. So, first connect the Xiaomi Yi with the smartphone.
  • Via smartphone, go to menu >Settings on the smartphone, then select >WiFi Settings to set a new name and password for your Xiaomi Yi device. After changing the WiFi name, wait a while because Xiaomi Yi will reconnect with your smartphone.

Here is how to set Xiaomi Yi settings so that the photos look cool.

1. Waterproof Case Go Pro is not suitable for Xiaomi Yi

  • This action camera can use a variety of various accessories, but not all accessories can be used on this Xiaomi Yi, one of which is the waterproof case go pro.

2. Not changing the Xiaomi Yi lens

  • For those of you who are not familiar with electronics, it is recommended not to change lenses because the risk is too great.

3. Clean Xiaomi Yi lenses every Use

4. If the photo does not match the original, maybe you are still using the default setting, which is a wide-angle 155 degrees. If you want the same result as the original, you can make adjustments by activating the Lens Distortion Adjustment

5. The standard charging time for the Xiaomi Yi battery is 90 minutes. But this amount can be reduced or increased according to usage

NOTE : You can take quick pictures with this Xiaomi Yi by pressing the power button, then selecting shutter, wait until the light is dark.

Always use the supported memory for this Xiaomi Yi camera, which is Micro SDHC class 10 Speed ​​80 mpbs and FAT32 format.

That’s what it’s about How to set Xiaomi Yi settings so that the photos look cool that can be conveyed, I hope it will be useful, especially for those of you who are using this camera for the first time.