How to Show HP Brand on Samsung Camera

How to Show HP Brand on Samsung Camera

How to Show HP Brand on Samsung Camera – On Android phones, it is increasingly common to find photos showing the brand of an Android phone that is used to capture images. And it turns out, on Samsung Android phones, we can now do that too.

Although there are currently a lot of new Android phones circulating, that’s why Samsung is now starting to equip its Android phones with a sticker feature, one of which can be used to create a watermark on the camera’s photos.

Actually, the watermark is a marker that serves to give identity to audio, video, or photos.

How to Show HP Brand on Samsung Camera

The following are the steps to display the watermark shot on the Samsung Galaxy, let’s have a look!

1. Open and run the Samsung Android phone’s default camera application

2. Then, enter the Sticker feature

3. After that select the sticker with the “Darling” icon, After meeting it then select the “Samsung Galaxy” sticker
Adjust the position of the sticker according to what you want.

4. If so, press the shutter button.

5. And automatically the results will be saved in your Samsung Android HP Gallery.

Now! How easy isn’t it, how to display the cellphone brand on the Samsung camera? Actually, in addition to the Samsung Android phone, it can also display the photos. But in a slightly different way with Samsung.

That’s how to display a cellphone brand on a Samsung camera, hopefully it’s useful!