How To Show Thumbnails On Android

How To Show Thumbnails On Android

How To Show Thumbnails On Android – Without us thinking, if on an Android cellphone there are various kinds of files and folders stored in a significant amount. And the point is stored in the internal memory.

By piling up various kinds and types of files, it will certainly have an impact on the memory capacity of our Android cellphones. Especially if the size is large, it also affects the speed when we use it.

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One of these files and folders, there is such a thing as a thumbnail folder.

Many android users do not know what it is and what are the functions of the thumbnail folder. For that, the following is an explanation, as well as how to display thumbnails on Android.

So, Thumbnails are media preview data from photos and videos stored on your Android phone. The function is so that the Android phone does not need to display the original file from the photo or video.

So, this preview will describe the media visually. Usually the thumbnail is visible when you open the gallery on your Android phone.

In addition, this way can make Android phones more responsive and faster. because there is no need to process the original file, which the original file is a heavy file.

How To Show Thumbnails On Android

Well, to display thumbnails on Android phones, there are several steps that you must follow. The following :

1. The first step, you open the file manager on your cellphone.

2. Then you guys, activate the hidden files feature.

3. Then go to DCIM.

4. Done, Now in that folder. There is a thumbnail folder

Those are some steps on How to Display Thumbnails on Android, good luck and thank you for visiting!