How to Sniff Config on the Http Injector Application

sniff config http injector , now there are a lot of configs circulating in various Facebook, Telegram and Wa groups, are you not curious about the contents of the HTTP Injector config, what bugs and payloads are used by the config

this time the KR admin will share a tutorial on how to sniff http injector config without root that you can try easily, so you will know the payload, BUG/Host and Ip Proxy used so that the config can connect to the server

our goal sniff config http injector is to see the config configuration used by config users, to be able to connect and connect to the vps server, with sniff we can find out what methods are used by Dev so that Config can connect

not only that you will know the Bug, SSH Account, Ip Proxy and SSH Port used by the config as well, all these things are basic things so that a config can connect to the server

to open the http injector config that has been fully locked, there are several ways, namely by using additional applications and our cellphones must be rooted first, we use a special application to disassemble the http injector coconfig

What is Sniff Config Http Injector

Sniff Config Http Injector is a way for someone to see / peek / know the payload, bugs, SSh Proxy ip of a Config from other Config Developers

this is often used to get BUG and Payload,

What is Hi Opener

HI Opener is an additional application for the HTTP Injector application that has a function to view the contents of the BUg payload, ssh, proxy and locked ports on the Config Http injector that has been locked frequently.

With the Xposed Installer (HI Opner) module tools you can learn how to create a http injector config on a payload form created by someone else,

Complete Tutorial How to Sniff Config on the Http Injector Application

Complete Tutorial How to Sniff Config on the Http Injector Application

I have explained there are 2 ways to view BUG/HOST, Payload, Squid Proxy IP and SSH Accounts, namely by using the Ehi Opener Application and the SSL Captuer Application

How to use the Ehi Opener App

the first way to sniif config http injector is to use Ehi opener, we use the Ehi Opener Framework model to be able to run the application, we need Android root access,

  • make sure your cellphone already has root status and rooted access

then Install the Mandatory application below

Xposed installer app
Ehi Opener App

  • Open the Xposed installer application, enter the module, select the Ehi Opener application
  • then go to Framework and select Install/Update
How to use the Ehi Opener App

Usually we will get an Ehi Opener warning. The solution is to restart your cellphone, reopen the HTTP Injector application, if there is no prohibition against uninstalling ehi opener, it means that you have successfully installed the Ehi Opener application on your android device.

  • Open the Http Injector App
  • then Import the config you want to Sniff (Unload Config)
  • then press Start ,

to see payload, bugs, Ip Proxy and SSH Account

How to use Packet Capture

The second way to sniff the non-root http injector config is to trace the data used by the config, but usually the Http injector application has blocked this kind of application as well

How to set the PacketCapture application

  • Open the PacketCapture App
  • Import the config bro
  • Check the filter app list .
  • Then select an application like http injector
  • Then press Capture , to record data passing on the Http injector application

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How to Sniff Config With PacketCapture

  • import config http injector
  • Press Start to run Http injector App
  • Once connected open the tPacketCapture app.
  • then stop the application / disconet on the packetCapture application
  • Select File List. Then open the file using Es explorer (don’t use other applications)

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Search Host to find the Host in use

How to Sniff Config With PacketCapture

those are some ways you can try, for How to Sniff Config on Http Injector Applications With Root and How to Sniff Config on Http Injector Applications Without Root

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If you are still not clear and understand, you can ask in the comments column