How to Sniff Config on the KPN Tunnel Application Without Root

Sniff config Kpn Tunnel , if you have trouble making the Kpn tunnel config or don’t know the bug/host, Payload, SSH account and IP Proxy used by the config to connect, you can do Sniff config on the kpn tunnel application

You can try Sniff Config in the KPN Tunnel application to see the contents of the kpn tunnel config, surely you’ve ever wondered what the contents of the KPn tunnel config are, and want to know how to make the KPN tunnel config, isn’t it?

the way that the KR admin does to Open or Sniff config KPN Tunnel Ultimate Without using a Root and HP without Root, it’s very easy and simple, the tutorial is almost the same as the sniff Config tutorial on the Http injector application

As in the HTTP Injector application, we need to need additional applications and additional frameworks for kpn sniff config, namely the KPN Opener application, SSL capture and Xposed installer

if you have successfully sniffed the KPN config, you will know the BUG/Host, IP Proxy, Payload and SSH Account used in the config, so you can modify the config yourself and can even create a new config with your own work

What is Sniff Config KPn Tunnel

Sniff Config KPn Tunnel is a way for someone to see / peek and even find out the payload, bugs, SSh Proxy ip of a Config from another KPN Tunnel Config maker

So that we can recreate, modify the config again, so that it is better

What is the KPN Tunnel Opener Application

A special Kpn tunnel application whose main function is to view the contents of the BUg payload, ssh, proxy and locked ports on Config Http injectors that have been locked frequently

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Complete Tutorial How to Sniff Config on the KPN Tunnel Root Application and Without Root

Sniff Config on the KPN Tunnel Application

Previously you had to have a KPN Tunnel comfig that has been proven to be connected, for a kpn tunnel config it is widely shared in the FB group and the WA group

How to Sniff Config KPN Tunnel Ultimate Without Root

  • Open the latest version of the KPN Tunnel Application
  • Then Import Config

look for the file where you saved the kpn tunnel config file, usually the kpn tunnel file format is ktc / ktr

  • Then click “START” or “Start”. to run the config
  • Change Screen Rotation To Auto Rotate

if the kpn tunnel config is already connected, you can change the phone’s navigation bar to automatic or it can be called landspace (90 degree Rotating Mode)

  • Then ap or click the interface on Payload

then the star code on the payload will automatically open, so you will know the payload and the bugs used in the config and the payload can be read.

How to Sniff Config KPN Tunnel Ultimate Without Root

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that’s the information that the KR admin can convey, if you are not clear and don’t understand, you can ask in the comments column,