How to Successfully Sell Muslimah Clothing for Overseas Customers with the Post Office

Friends of this time we will share an article on the Success of Selling Muslimah Clothing for Overseas Customers with the Post Office. Many people who sell Muslim clothing but sometimes cannot achieve maximum sales results because there are no things that make them successful in selling them.

Muslim clothing, of course, consists of wear that is worn for everyday and wear for certain events. The characteristics of Muslim clothing are long, not see-through, do not show sensual curves and which definitely cover the aurat. For everyday clothes, usually don’t pay attention to models that are too complicated, but if the clothes are used for certain activities or events, especially during Ramadan and Hari Raya, then clothes with beautiful and elegant designs are definitely much sought after.

For traders who sell Muslim clothing, they must pay attention to the following ways so that their wares sell well abroad. We just go straight to how to successfully sell Muslim clothing for foreign customers:

1. Good Muslimah Clothing Products (Quality)

It should be noted and this greatly affects the clothing products that we sell are good items, both in terms of materials, designs or the latest models. Overseas customers are usually less concerned with price. But they demand quality. Do not let the goods we sell are cheap goods. Once selling goods with low quality then we will be stamped or marked as a bad seller / seller and a very low rating.

2. Interesting Muslimah Clothing Product Photos

Use photos of Muslim women’s clothing with high quality, high quality here is not only the process of taking it but also the quality of the device that took it so it’s not just taken. If necessary, involve a professional photographer who has experience photographing products for sale.

Usually photos of Muslim clothing products must also require a model for the process when shooting, look for a model that is suitable and in accordance with the clothes used.

Photos must match the product being sold, lest the photo is different from the product sent.

3. Active on Social Media

It is undeniable that many social media users such as Facebook, Instagram and others can become a potential market for selling Muslim clothing products. Here are some tips for selling Muslim clothing on social media:

  • Diligently make posts, not only selling problems, but also make posts that provoke reactions, including people who want to comment, want to share and of course want to be our followers. Alternate between personal posts, and sales posts.
  • One of the good posts is a “Kepowriting” post, which is a post that provokes curiosity from customers, for example with the words: “Alhamdulillah, today many are interested in the Latest Gamis from our Store.” or “The smooth and premium material is not only comfortable to wear but also gives a luxurious impression”. Create curiosity from customers and potential customers.
  • Live broadcasts, with the live video broadcast feature on social media such as on Instagram, Facebook and others can increase the interaction of friends with potential buyers. Prospective buyers will easily see samples or samples of the clothes that he will buy and can also compare directly with their Muslim clothing desires.

4. Fast Response

When selling online, you need speed in responding to questions or chats from potential buyers, buyers may ask directly via telephone or via chat. All of that must be replied to immediately, even if you can’t reply directly, friends can also activate auto response from each application, usually already provided.

In the autoresponse, make sure to add a fast and contactable number, for example:

“Hello [Nama Pelanggan] Thank you for contacting, we are not in the store, but we will contact you soon, if there is something that needs a quick response, please contact us via Whatsapp”

What is the slowest time we have to respond to a customer? There is no standard time, but learning from the marketplace there is a set 5 minutes, 10 minutes and a maximum of 15 minutes. If it’s more than that, usually the customer can’t be patient and immediately looks for another shop to ask.

5. Competitive price

Competitive prices here do not mean cheap, yes, there is a price and quality, and each product or quality usually has its own market share. For those who have money, a little expensive doesn’t matter as long as the products offered are of really good quality. read another no. 1.

Selling abroad also needs a trick, the price difference will certainly determine the search order if we sell on the marketplace and can also be a comparison if selling directly. So being good at setting prices also determines success in selling Muslim clothing abroad.

6. Using a trusted post office

After getting an order from abroad, of course, friends want to immediately send the Muslim clothes, so a trusted courier who has experience in sending abroad is the post office.

There are various services that can be used, if grouped broadly there are two services, namely the Overseas Fast Package and the Economical Package. Fast packages usually use air mode while economical packages use sea mode.

Of course there is a price difference between the two services, among the advantages of friends in sending packages selling Muslim clothing online via the post office, including:

  • Outlets are spread throughout Indonesia, almost all sub-districts, even in cities now there is assistance from many postal agents.
  • There is a choice of fast packages and economical packages abroad
  • Competitive price
  • Have an Online Tracking System
  • Can be insured for the value of the goods so worry free
  • If it doesn’t arrive, it can be returned.

Thus, friends can use overseas delivery services to sell Muslim clothing through the nearest post office from your location.

That’s what we can share this time, hopefully it’s useful if there is something you want to ask, please in the comments section.