How to take a long screenshot on a Vivo cellphone

How to Take Long Screenshots


In general, taking screenshots has screen limitations. So sometimes everything we want to screenshot can’t be on one screen. When Doing screenshots repeatedly will certainly be very tiring. In addition, repeated screenshot activities will actually fill the memory because there will be more than 1 photo stored in your cellphone gallery.

How to handle that problem?

Doing a long screenshot is certainly the answer. There are several ways that can be done to take long screenshots, from using the application to without the application. Here’s a review of how to take a Vivo cellphone screenshot for a long screenshot that you can take do:

1. How to Screenshot Vivo cellphone via Control Center

How to screenshot the Vivo Y12 cellphone apparently also offers a screenshot method from the control center. This screenshot is done to take a screenshot that is quite long. The method is as follows:

· Open the view of the page you want make long screenshots

· Scroll up sign down arrow (V) which is usually at the very bottom

· A control center will appear

· Tap the S-Capture icon

· A new menu circle will appear, select the Long Screenshot section

· The cellphone will take screenshots automatically, tap to stop the screenshot process

· See screenshots in the HP gallery

2. How to Screenshot Vivo Mobile via S Capture

How to take a screen shot of this Vivo cellphone is the same as the method above. It’s just you can choose several ways to screenshot according to you want. For example Long Screenshot, perform screen recording (screen recording) to ordinary screenshots which are also referred to as rectangular screenshots.

4. How to Screenshot Vivo Mobile via 3 Fingers

· You You can also take screenshots of Vivo 3 finger phones in the following way:

· Open the settings menu on your Vivo phone

· Select the Screenshot menu section then activate the Three Fingers Swipe Screenshot

· After that please return to the home page

· Then go to the page you want take the screenshot process

· Swipe the screen with 3 fingers from top to bottom

· The phone screen will flash when The screenshot process has been successfully carried out

· Please check the SS results in the gallery of your cellphone have

Doing the process of mobile screenshots Vivo is actually quite easy. Especially on the latest Vivo mobile phones which offer many screenshot options for user convenience.

Well, that’s some ways to screen Vivo mobile phones that you can do practice at home. Happy doing screenshots. If there is a request about the article, you can send it via comments. Hopefully useful and see you.