How to Track and Know the Location of All Types of Xiaomi Smartphones | Xiaomi Indonesia 2021

How to track and find out the location of all types of Xiaomi smartphones – Especially for smartphones made by Xiaomi, be it Redmi Series, Mi Series and others, you can use this method to find out where the Xiaomi smartphone is via Mi Cloud.

The first requirement is that you have a mi account (MIUI) to be able to use Mi Cloud and the option to track location in the Mi Cloud settings on the smartphone has been activated.

If the above conditions are met, now we move on to how to track it.

Here’s How To Track And Know The Location Of All Types Of Xiaomi Smartphones

  • First open the browser from your smartphone or computer, then visit
  • Log in using the registered Mi account for the smartphone you want to track its location on.
  • After successfully logging in, we see that there is an option to find a device. Select locate device and then wait a few seconds for the browser to display the device’s location on maps.

NOTE : In the sample picture above, because I have a data package and GPS is active on the Xiaomi Smartphone so that the status is online and my Smartphone is not in a dead state.

That’s the tutorial on How to Track and Know the Location of All Types of Xiaomi Smartphones, Now please browse to the location where your Xiaomi smartphone is located. Thank you.