How to Turn Off Notifications While Playing Games on Xiaomi Smartphones | Xiaomi Indonesia 2021

How to Turn Off Notifications While Playing Games on Xiaomi smartphones – For those of you Android smartphone users, especially Xiaomi smartphone users, you must have experienced notifications that suddenly appear on the screen while playing games. These notifications can close your smartphone screen window so you can’t see the game. This of course will irritate you. Just imagine if you are cool to play Mobile Legends or PUBG or other online games. Because of this, besides you can die, you will also get bullied with your game friends.

Maybe by default all new versions of Android smartphones will be like that. Maybe some Android smartphone manufacturers have a feature to hide these notifications so they don’t appear at the top of the screen when playing games.

But it’s a shame for now most Android smartphone manufacturers don’t provide this feature. Here you don’t worry, you don’t need to change your cellphone just because of these trivial things. Because here the Xiaomi Forum will provide a few solutions or tips on how to turn off notifications when playing games on Xiaomi smartphones.

Here’s How to Turn Off Notifications When Playing Games on Xiaomi Smartphones
Here’s how to make annoying notifications on your smartphone no longer appear and don’t bother you playing games.

1. Here you have to open settings then select application > security.
2. Then you scroll down and you select the upgrade menu > game speed.

3.Then you select the logo > persistent which is below as a setting symbol.

4.Keep you scrool> down then select > do not disturb.

5. Finally, change from showing to hide messages.

6. Done

NOTE: The tutorial above is only part of it, maybe on the internet there are many other ways that you can apply. In addition, you can also install the Gaming Mode application to set notifications while playing games.

That’s the tutorial on How to Turn Off Notifications when Playing Games on Xiaomi Smartphones, maybe that’s all that the Xiaomi Indonesia Forum Admin can provide, little need to know that the above method is not only to hide notifications when playing games, but the notification will actually not appear and interrupt the screen altogether. Thank you.