How To Tweak Android Without Root And Easy To Install

How to Tweak Android Without Root

When we plan and implement to install tweaks on android, surely the first thing we think is to root android first.

Most of the android users rooting is to install tools and to modify their android. because when rooting android we will get extra privileges that are not obtained by users in general.

But when our android phone is rooted, it can cause viruses, malware, and void the cellphone warranty to enter the android.

Well actually we can install a tweak that you can get on the play store without having to root first. For that, see the following explanation of the recommendations and tweak applications.

How to Tweak Android Without Root

1. Tweak Changing Status Bar Appearance

when we are bored and want to change the appearance of the status bar, we can use an application called Status. This status is an icon replacement application or status bar display without having to root first. Android cloudy status application with version 4.1 and or higher. This application can also be ad-free and without pop ups.

2. Android Battery Saver Tweak

Several tweaks are already available and the most sought after is the android battery saver tweak.

On the internet there are lots of tips and tricks and there are also some tools out there that claim to save battery consumption of your android phone, but most of these tweaked apps require root permission access.

However, now there is an application called Pixoff: Battery Saver AMOLED without having to root our android phone. Keep in mind this tweak can only be used on android phones that use an amoled screen, other than that it can’t.

Pixoff: This AMOLED Battery Saver saves battery by applying a filter that will turn off some AMOLED screen pixels, thereby reducing battery consumption. And this app requires Android 4.4 and up.

3. Duplicate Android Apps

If we want to have 2 whatsapp or line in 1 android phone, we can use the Parallel Space-Multi Accounts application, this application can help you to run multiple accounts of the same application simultaneously.

Parallel Space application is based on MultiDroid, which is the first application virtualization engine on Android. Features in this application include a special theme for cloning applications, which can protect the privacy of its users.

4. Tweak Control Anything on Android

Powerful tool to control all content on Android smartphone. This is one of the best and simplest automation apps on Android.

Some of the best examples of what this app can do are enable Wifi connection when launching certain apps (and disable it again when closing it), automatically respond to certain incoming text messages by sending your current location, toggle power button Notify time (no luggage) , and use NFC tags to configure the device (enable Bluetooth, adjust volume, etc.).

MacroDroid includes many built-in and user templates to demonstrate the app’s functionality and flexibility and get you started.

The free version is limited to five macros and displays pop up ads. You can upgrade the app to unlimited macros and then remove all ads.

5. Tweak Can Access Widgets From Anywhere

You can use widgets without having to fill the homescreen of your Android phone with the Snap Swipe Drawer application.

Tweak Snap Swipe Drawer is an application that is suitable for you lovers of a clean android home screen. Snap Swipe Drawer provides a place for widgets and shortcuts. By using this application you can access all widgets from only 1 application without having to return to your home screen.

6. Smart Indicators

The PowerLine app is an app that allows you to have a very easy-to-modify bar in the status bar to show the percentage of how much battery power you have left, plus an indicator of how long you’ve been using your phone, and much more.

Not only android status bar, this application can also show bar indicators on any side of the screen displaying a number of indicators at once on the screen.

7. Tweak Change the appearance of the Navigation Bar

Navbar Apps is a tool that you can use to change the appearance of the Navigation Bar on an Android smartphone. You can also choose the images you want as the background or change the color match automatically to match the running application.

8. Tweak Running Apps in Full Screen Mode

This is the best Android customization you can do without rooting. GMD’s full-screen immersive mode allows you to force your app or game to display in full-screen mode. You can hide or show the navigation bar with a simple swipe and a simple notification, so you can easily change modes anywhere. Requires KitKat or higher Android version that supports immersive mode.

9. Tweak Show Stylish Music Visualizer at the bottom of Android Navigation Bar

The floating visualization function at the bottom of the screen navigation bar brings your music experience to life.

MUVIZ can not only display the visual effects of your favorite video applications (such as Youtube, MX Player, etc.), but can also enhance your music experience as well as your video experience.

10. Android Screen Recorder App Without Root

Most screen recording apps on Android require root permission, while AZ Screen Recorder does not.

AZ Screen Recorder is the best recommended application for recording your android screen. No root access required, no time limit, no watermark, no ads and very easy to use, just do one operation to start and stop recording.

AZ Screen Recorder lets you record your screen as HD and FullHD video. This is the only screenshot app in the Android market that can stop and resume during recording.

That’s the discussion about how to tweak android without root, hopefully it can be useful for friends and thank you for visiting.