How to Update Android Nougat Easily

How to Update Android Nougat Easily

How to Update Android Nougat Easily – Android Nougat 7.0 is currently very much wanted to be the latest android system on everyone’s smartphone. Android Nougat itself has the latest features such as Lockscreen wallpapers that are different from the main wallpaper, multi-local support, multiwindow, bundled notifications, seamless updates, file-baseng encryption and many more.

Then, how How to Update Android Nougat Easily? yes, before we discuss it further, it would be better if you check the brand or type of your smartphone whether it has already been allocated for this Android Nougat update. If it is included, try to follow the method below.

1. Files Android Nougat 7.0

How to Update Android Nougat Easily the first is you can download this Android Nougat file on the android developer or you can directly install this latest Android OS directly from your smartphone but before that you must have gmail integrated directly with your Android device.

The file itself is 1.1 GB, so you have to have a good and fast connection to download this file. After you have successfully downloaded it, it’s time to prepare for the installation of Android Nougat 7.0 in discussion number 2.

2. Installation Preparation

How to Update Android Nougat Easily The next step is to prepare for the installation. But first, you have to know a few things, such as ensuring data backups to anticipate if there is a failure in the installation. Then also make sure the internet connection if your internet is not good it will fail. Also pay attention to the preparation of the smartphone such as the battery in a full state.

3. Do the installation via over the air

How to Update Android Nougat Easily

How to Update Android Nougat Easily the next step is the installation. According to the Android website you will receive a preview update every 4-6 weeks after Android is released to the public. So, you can open settings and select about, then at the bottom there is a System update and check for updates. If an update is available, you can update directly via your smartphone. But it’s not yet available, try to download and install it manually. To download, please open the image file on the Android developer.

That’s How to Update Android Nougat Easily what you can do. If you don’t dare to flash manually or indeed your smartphone doesn’t have Android Nougat available, then you can try to taste Android N by installing the Xposed N-Ify module on your smartphone.

After you install Xposed Android N-Ify then activate the Xposed Installer and reboot your smartphone. Taraa you can enjoy Android Nougat even if it’s just the appearance or the version doesn’t change.

Well bro, maybe that’s all the information How to Update Android Nougat Easily what we can give you. Hopefully this information can be useful for all of you, friend. See you again in the next article or tips.