How to Update Windows Defender on Windows 10

Windows Defender is an “antivirus” application built into the Windows operating system that is useful as protection that protects your Windows from snooping attacks, malware, adware, ransomware and so on.

Windows Defender must always be activated and updated to keep your Windows safe. By default, Windows Defender on Windows 10 is automatically updated. But you need to check if Windows Defender on your computer is active and updated?

Here are the steps to activate and update Windows Defender in Windows 10.

1. In the Windows search field, type Windows Security then select Windows Security (App).

Windows Security

2. Click Turn On on every protection option especially Virus & threat protection dan Firewall & network protection.

3. To check for updates, klik Virus & threat protection.

4. Scroll down, select Check for updates.

7. Update.

# Question:

What will happen if I disable Windows Defender, while there are no other antivirus applications on my Windows computer?

Your computer will become vulnerable to snooping attacks, what usually happens is that your Windows is infected with ransomware so that the files on your computer are encrypted and cannot be opened, in most cases, your data cannot be saved.

Does Windows Defender perform an automatic scan?

Like other antiviruses, Windows Defender performs automatic scans and actions against various files that could potentially harm your computer. That is, Windows Defender will always run when the computer is on, it is not recommended to turn off the Windows Defender service.

How to disable Windows Defender?

Some applications that are safe to use may be considered malware by Windows Defender. This is because the characteristics of the application go deeper into the system. Consider and make sure the application is safe, you can disable Windows Defender by:

1. Klik Windows Security like the first step above.

2. Select Virus & threat protection.

3. Click Manage Settings pada Virus & threat protection settings.

4. Switch Off Realtime protection, Cloud-delivered protection, Automatic sample submission, dan Tamper protection.

Need to install an antivirus other than Windows Defender?

It is necessary, to provide additional protection to your computer and security that does not depend on Windows Defender. There are times when other antiviruses such as Avast or Avira are faster to update the virus database so that your computer will be more protected from the latest types of viruses.