How to Upgrade Psiphon Pro Unlimited for Free

upgrade psiphon pro, hello friends, a group of teenagers, in this tutorial I will share a tutorial on how to get the Psiphon Pro Unlimited application for free and easily, without the need to subscribe to the Psiphon application or trial Psiphon pro account

how to upgrade psiphon pro, we can use 2 ways, namely by using third-party applications such as the lucky patcher application and installing the Psiphon Pro Unlmited mod application, although this trick is an unsafe trick and tips,

in my opinion, because we hack the psiphon pro application or modify the psiphon pro application ourselves, the technique I use does not require root access to upgrade the psiphon pro Unlimited application for free

many users of the psiphon pro application prefer the psiphon pro mod application, rather than the original psiphon application from the playstore,

although the Psiphon pro Unlimited application has many benefits and uses, if you use this trick then you will not get an update / update to the latest Psiphon pro application,

because we have slightly modified the Psiphon Pro application, so that it can be used for free without having to pay for a subscription to the Psiphon Pro application

What is Lucky Patcher App

Lucky Patcher application is an android application that can be used to modify applications according to your wishes, Lucky Patcher application can also be called another application hack application because the working system modifies the system from other android applications

Some functions of Lucky patcher App

  • Remove or Block Ads on Android Apps
  • Block Android In-App Purchases
  • back up apps
  • modify paid apps for free

What is Psiphon pro Mod App

Psiphon pro Mod is a modified application, a clone that has been done by reliable programmers, usually programmers only remove ads and modify the Psiphon pro application a little, so that it can be used for free

Complete tutorial on how to upgrade Psiphon Pro Unlimited for free and easily

Complete tutorial on how to upgrade Psiphon Pro Unlimited for free and easily

like the information above I will provide 2 ways that you can use, namely by using the Lucky Patcher application and the Psiphon Pro Mod application

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How to Upgrade Psiphon Pro Application With Lucky Patcher

Previously you need to download and install the Lucky Patcher application on Playstore

  • First of all, download the latest version of the Psiphon application HERE or in the playstore
  • Then install the Psiphon Pro application
  • open the Lucky Patcher app
  • Look for an app called psiphon pro .
  • Then select support patch for InApp from LVL emulsion
  • Check or tick the 2 options above named

(Additional support for LVL mocks and Patch support for InApp mocks).

  • Then Select ” Apply ” .

If you are not clear, you can see the image below

psiphon pro upgrade

  • Then open the Psiphon Pro app

don’t close it directly to home on your smartphone.

  • Then select “UPGRADE NOW”.
  • Choose Maximum Speed

There will be options like in the image below, just check them all.

Psiphon Pro hack app

done, at this stage your psiphon application will become a pro unlimited

How to Upgrade the Psiphon Pro Application With the Mod Application

  • Uninstall Psiphon Pro Ori App from playstore
  • then download the Psiphon Pro Unlimited Mod application
  • install and open the psiphon mod application
  • then press start the psiphon mod application, check whether it is unlimited speed

if you are not clear with the tutorial that I convey and provide, you can ask in the comments column, or via chat wa admin, the admin will answer patiently

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Thank you, that’s the tutorial on how to upgrade Psiphon Pro Unlimited for free with the lucky patcher application and the psiphon pro mod application, hopefully it will be useful