How to Use Auto Transfer Credit (TP) Telkomsel

Telkomsel Auto TP Hello friends, Telkomsel providers not only provide internet package transfers, but can also auto transfer Telkomsel credit automatically to certain numbers, I myself will provide an easy and fast way to transfer credit

Telkomsel Auto TP is a feature of Telkomsel for all Telkomsel card customers to transfer credit automatically and on a scheduled basis. nay work system like auto debit on bank account

Telkomsel Auto TP has 3 facilities or advantages offered by Telkomsel Auto TP, namely: Auto TP, Delete Auto TP, and List Auto TP.

With Telkomsel’s Auto TP service, you don’t need to transfer credit every month, because with Telkomsel’s Auto TP, your credit will be scheduled to be automatically sent to other users.

With the existence of Auto TP (Toll Transfer), you can schedule to send credit to your family or partner without having to be afraid of forgetting automatically and on a scheduled basis for the auto TP fee of 1800

this service Auto Transfer Credit can only be used to transfer credit to other Telkomsel numbers such as Kartu As, Simpati, and Loop, you can use the myTelkomsel application

What is Telkomsel TP?

Auto TP is a service from Telkomsel that allows Telkomsel service users to distribute their credit to other Telkomsel numbers automatically every certain date.

For example, the 1st of the month or the 30th of the end of the month

How much does it cost to transfer credit

Fees for credit transfer transactions via UMB *858# and My Telkomsel App based on nominal are as follows:

Denomination Cost
IDR 5,000 – IDR 19,000 Rp1.850
IDR 20,000 – so on IDR 2,000

credit transfer terms and conditions

  • Credit that can be transferred is between Rp. 5,000 to Rp. 1,000,000 per transaction.
  • The maximum number of transactions per day per number is 250 transactions.
  • The credit sender must be in an active period while the credit recipient can be in a grace period.
  • Every credit transfer transaction does not change the active period of the recipient. If the credit recipient is within the grace period, the transfer credit will only be used after the recipient has reloaded.
  • The transferred amount will not be counted as usage by the sender, but the credit transfer fee will be counted as usage by the sender.
  • Customers can transfer credit if the active period of the number is more than 3 days.

Complete Tutorial How to Use Auto Transfer Credit (TP) Telkomsel

Auto Transfer Credit (TP) Telkomsel

How to use Telkomsel Auto via UMB Dial

  • open your Phone app
  • then Type Dial UMB : *858#
  • Then press Ok / Yess
  • then Select 3. Auto TP
  • then enter the number you want to transfer credit
  • Enter the nominal pulse you want to transfer

For example, you want to transfer 5000 pulses every month for your mother, or our family

  • Enter the date to make a monthly transfer

for example, we choose the 1st: so we will always send credit to our mother in the amount of 5000 every month on the 1st

  • choose 1, agree, to agree to the process

you will be charged 1800 fees every time you make an Auto TP transaction (pulse transfer)

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How to see Telkomsel Auto TP List

List Auto TP Auto Transfer Credit Telkmosel serves to see a list of numbers that have been scheduled for friends to send credit transfers automatically.

For example, if you want to transfer your mother’s number, every month it’s 10,000, a list of Auto Tp will appear

So if you want to delete one number or several numbers that you want to transfer credit, then you must first check using the Auto TP List.

The tutorial is as follows:

  • Open Phone App
  • Then type UMB dial *858#
  • then please select the menu number [5] Auto TP List.
  • Next select the button [Kirim / Send]

You will automatically get an SMS from number 888 which contains a list of Auto TP numbers that you have registered.

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How to Delete Telkomsel Auto TP List

The Auto TP delete menu on dial *858# functions to delete numbers that have been registered in Telkomsel Auto TP, so that your credit will not be reduced automatically because you have used the Telkomsel auto TP feature every month.

steps to remove numbers that are already in the Auto TP list.

  • Open Phone App
  • Access dial code *858#
  • then select the number “4 Delete Auto TP”
  • Please enter the number to be removed from the list of credit transfer recipients from your friend’s number. Next select the button [Kirim / Send]
  • then type ” 1 ” Agree, to agree to the process.

How to Transfer Credit Via SMS

  • Open the SMS app
  • Then type sms with the format below

Type TP (space) Nominal (space) Destination Number.

Example: TP 10 08131xxxxxxx.

Send the SMS to 858.

Wait for the process for a few seconds, until you get an SMS that the credit transfer was successful

Info: TP 10, you will send 10,000 credits to that number

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Important Information About Telkomsel Auto TP

  • I have encountered many cases of fraud with this Auto Transfer mode, usually via spam SMS of a certain number, which causes your credit to be taken automatically

To overcome this, you can see a list of your TP lists periodically, at least once a month

  • For example, a friend of yours (one provider) pretends to borrow your cellphone, for some reason asking for songs, photos, or other files, this is just a trick.

if your friend’s UMB service *858# you have to be careful, and be careful because, you can get auto TP Telkomsel

Although there are many advantages and advantages of Telkomsel auto TP, such as being able to transfer credit automatically and on a scheduled basis,

if you are not clear about getting to know auto TP. You can ask Telkomsel Auto Transfer via CS Telkomsel, to get a little help about Telkomsel’s Auto TP service