How to use Indosat Rollover Data Quota

Data Rollover Quota, different from other providers, Indosat oredoo provider offers Rollover data package which can combine data packages into one, so our internet quota will be bigger and bigger, of course.

IM3 Ooredoo presents DATA ROLLOVER. The advantages of Data Rollover for users of the Freedom Combo package and the Freedom U package.
With DATA ROLLOVER, you can subscribe to a large quota internet package without fearing that the remaining quota will be forfeited.

You can continue to use your remaining quota in the following month, at no additional cost. You can save the remaining quota for a year.

You can use Rollover Data Quota throughout Indonesia, which is covered by the Indosat IM3 Ooredoo network. Friends will also benefit because Data Rollover can be used for full 24 hours (without time limit) and can be used on all networks, be it 2G, 3G, and 4G.

What is Indosat Rollover Data quota

What is Indosat Rollover Data quota

Rollover data is the remaining main quota that is accumulated when a customer extends a package or makes a package/rebuy purchase at the same or greater price

the remaining main quota that was previously owned is combined with the main quota that was just purchased., meaning that the previous unused package will not be forfeited, and will be added to the main quota of the new (combined) package, the active period of the old package will also follow the active period of the new package. new package.

different from Telkomsel’s Gamemax package, where the Gamemax quota will follow the data package’s active period, if there is any remaining quota, it will be forfeited, even if we buy a new GameMax package. basically this quota can’t be merged like Data Rollover Quota on Indosat

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How to Get Indosat Rollover Data Quota

Not all quotas that you have can be accumulated or combined, only the Freedom U Package and the Freedom Combo Package can be combined into Indosat Rollover Data Quota

So, to get Indosat IM3 Ooredoo Rollover Data is to extend the Freedom U or Freedom Combo package after the active period ends or buy a new package before the active period of the package expires.

At least with Data Rollover, the main quota that you buy is not forfeited and can continue to be used for up to 1 year.

If you re-purchase a package with the same or higher price, the remaining main quota will be accumulated (but at the time of renewal, Rollover Data will be forfeited because the Super Internet package does not apply Rollover provisions).

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How to Check Remaining Indosat IM3 Ooredoo Rollover Data Quota

To check the remaining Indosat Ooredoo IM3 rollover data quota bonus

  • You can do this through the MyCare application on Google PlayStore (Android) and AppStore (iOS).
  • Check remaining data can be done through MyIM3 Indosat Ooredoo. *123# or SMS to 363 by typing the word USAGE.

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for information about the use of Indosat Rollover Data Quota, if you are not clear, you can ask in the comments column or directly to Indosat CS