How to Use VPN on Xiaomi Without Apps

How to Use VPN on Xiaomi Without Apps

VPN or Virtual Private Network on xiaomi cellphones has its own settings that are different from some other android devices. On xiaomi itself, we don’t have to use a VPN provider application to be able to use it, because there is already a VPN feature in the settings of our xiaomi device.

In general, some people who use VPNs, they download third-party VPN provider applications, where the drawback is that it takes up quite a bit of free space on the available internal memory on your cellphone.

So, it’s time for us to discuss how to use a VPN on Xiaomi without an application. Besides being able to save memory space, using a VPN without an application can also reduce RAM usage by third-party VPN applications.

Before that, did you know what a VPN is? then what advantages and benefits can you get when you use this VPN? If not, let’s see some explanations about the following VPN:

What is a VPN?

VPN or Virtual Private Network is our way to get a safe and secure service for us to use, so that user privacy can be maintained and safe. This VPN works as a liaison between the user and the website he wants to go to.

Some of the benefits that I mentioned earlier will be maximized, if you use a premium VPN, but have a fairly expensive price. For this reason, people who use VPNs often use free VPNs. The danger of this free VPN can even steal your personal data, your Android phone is exposed to malware or much more, if you don’t choose a good VPN.

Well, how was the explanation, hopefully it can increase your knowledge about VPN. Now it’s time to install a VPN on our xiaomi cellphone, here are the steps:

Steps to Use VPN On Xiaomi Without Apps

1. Open your cellphone, look for settings / settings on your cellphone homescreen.

2. In the settings / settings, swipe down a bit, find another menu and open it.

3. On the other menu you will see the option to add VPN, click that option to add VPN.

4. In the Add VPN option, please fill in the blanks with a name, free from any name. In the Type box, leave it alone, don’t change it.

5. Open the vpnbook site, and go to the PPTP option. in vpnbook you will find many servers that you can use. try one, and if it doesn’t work you can use the other.

6. If you have found what you want, don’t forget to fill in your username and password below.

7. Done

That’s the way to install a VPN on xiaomi without third-party applications, hopefully it’s useful and thank you for visiting the shortword blog.