How To View Wifi History On Android Without Root

How to View Wifi History On Android – How to find out wifi users via Android can be done easily using the Android Wifi user check application. There are many that you can find in the play store and most of them are free apps.

One of the reasons why our wifi is slow is because our wifi is connected to many devices to the same network. If it is the device itself, of course it is not a problem. But what if what is connected is someone else’s smartphone that we don’t recognize?

Well, sometimes there are people who deliberately break into wifi in order to get free internet. Of course this is very annoying. Because many devices use the wifi to download or just stream youtube.

Not only that, but it can also be affected by the internet quota or the FUP itself running out. So that some of these things don’t happen to our wifi. As for how to overcome or reduce this incident, please see below.

How to View Wifi History On Android

How to View Wifi History On Android

1. How to View Wifi History On Android With the FING Application

To be able to find out wifi users via Android, you can use an application called FING. This application has the ability to scan any device that is connected to wifi.

The list of connected devices will look very clear, complete with the type and brand of the connected smartphone. In addition, this application can also detect various devices that are connected to our wifi, for example, such as smartphones, laptops, PCs or a router.

With this FING application, we can find out if someone is stealing Wifi. But that’s not all the use of this application. Because this application has abundant features in it.

How to use the application to check your Wifi users is very easy. You just need to download it on the Play Store, then look for the Scan Device menu. After that we can immediately find out which devices are connected to our wifi.

You need to know that every router has a limit on the devices that can connect to it. By going through FING we can see how many devices are connected to your wifi. Apart from that we can also check the IP of the connected device.

Well, Fing is a very complete application. Well, that’s why I recommend for those of you who use wifi at home to try the FING application.

2. How to View Wifi History On Android With WHO’S ON MY WIFI Application

Android WiFi User Check Application The next way to find out wifi users via Android is to use an application called WHO’S ON MY WIFI. The WHO’S ON MY WIFI application can be downloaded for free on the Google Play Store with a size of less than 5MB.

Although the size of the application is small, but we can rely on it to find out who is using our wifi. Of the many advantages of this application, unfortunately this application has a drawback, namely it cannot display the name of the device connected to your wifi.

It only shows the IP address and the type of device. To find out the device name we have to edit it manually. But behind these shortcomings this application can show the number of devices connected to your wifi.

When you open the WHO’S ON MY WIFI application, this application will immediately show how many devices are connected to your wifi. Well, for those who are curious, you can just download the application below.

3. How to View Wifi History On Android With WiFi Scanner App

In addition to the two applications above, there is another application that you can try to find out which users are connected to our Wifi, namely WiFi Scanner. There is an interesting feature in this application that we can see the history of wifi users by day.

The information obtained is also quite detailed and also displays the type of device, IP address and MAC address of the device. In addition, this Wifi Scanner can show our wifi speed.

How to see Wifi users through this application is very easy. You just need to download the WiFi Scanner app on the Play Store, then tap the button under the Wifi name to see all the devices connected to the Wifi Hotspot.

4. How to View Wifi History On Android With the Who Uses My WiFi Application

This application has very complete features. And not only that we can even use this application to block devices connected to wifi.

In this application, information on wifi users who have been connected is displayed in a very complete way, starting from the type of device, brand, to their IP address. We can see all connected devices on our wifi with one click.

In addition, there are features to be able to enter router settings, port scanners, and many others. You can try all these advantages for free by downloading Who Uses My WiFi on the Google Play Store.

5. Check Router

How to Check WiFi Users From an Android cellphone other than through the application, you can try how to find out WiFi users via Android by accessing the Router’s Default IP Address. It may sound quite inconvenient, but it’s actually quite easy and can be tried on all types of Android phones.

Usually Wifi like Indihome mostly uses ZTE or Huawei brand routers. The settings for each router are different. Likewise with the IP address that we must access to find out which Wifi users are connected.

To see the IP address on a wifi router is very easy. You just have to look at the back, usually the IP address number is listed, such as or

If the IP Address number above cannot be opened, then it may have been changed by the service provider when installing wifi or indeed the IP Address is different.

If indeed you can’t open the web, please try one of the IP addresses below which are often found on ZTE and Huawei models.

ZTE Default IP Address

Huawei Default IP Address

Please access the IP Address above through your cellphone browser using a browser such as Google Chrome, UCWEB, Opera, Mozilla, etc. Make sure you are connected to the WiFi router network that will be used.

After you successfully enter the Default Modem IP Address, then you just need to log in by entering the Username and Password. To see the password, you can look at the back of the wifi router.

For ZTE and Huawei routers usually have the same username and password. After you have successfully logged in, then you just need to check which wifi users are connected to our network.

Each router has a different settings menu. For example, the ZTE router has a menu to view connected devices in the Network > WLAN > Associated Devices section.

So there are several ways to view wifi history on Android easily and without root. Please try one of the methods above, Thank you for visiting this blog.