How to View Windows 10 Laptop Bits in Just Seconds

The bit on the laptop is a unit of data. Generally, there are 2 types of bits that have now been developed, namely 32 bit types and 64 bits. Both types of bits have different characteristics. Users who are curious about the types of laptop bits can do the following ways to view Windows 10 laptop bits:

How to View Windows 10 Laptop Bits

1. Find the Settings Menu

The first thing to do is to look for the Settings menu on the laptop. Usually the Settings menu is located on the Start button if using Windows 10. Users can also do a quick way to save time by simultaneously pressing the Start + I button on the laptop or computer keyboard.

The Settings menu is below the File Explorer menu and above the Power menu. The existence of this menu in the Start button makes it easier for users to find it, moreover, there is also a shortcut version available. Users will also be made easier because Windows 10 is the best version.

2. Select System

The process that must be taken next is to select the System sub menu. This menu is in the upper left corner so it is very easy to find. The System menu has several sub menus including Device, Account, Network & Internet, and of course there is also a System.

Later the System sub menu will also still have 9 sub menus. Make sure the user follows the method in a coherent way so that they don’t make the wrong choice of what sub menu to choose. No need to worry because this information will be presented clearly so it will not be misleading.

3. Select Sub Sub Menu About

The System sub menu that has been selected will direct the user to enter the next process. There are quite a few options such as Multitasking, Battery saver, Storage, About, and many others. It should be noted that the About sub-menu is at the bottom so users must be observant to see it.

The About sub menu is able to provide complete information related to the state of the laptop or computer. The information contained in it includes the edition of the laptop, what version, type of system, product identity, code of establishment, and many others.

4. See the System Type Bagian section

The About sub-menu that has been clicked on the left will display information on the right. To see the bit type of the laptop, the user must focus on looking for the System type or commonly referred to as the system type. Of course, information about the type of laptop bit will be displayed clearly and users can see it clearly.

The type 32 bit indicates that the bit can process 232 data at the same time. Associated with 64 bits, of course, it has higher power, which is capable of processing 264 data at the same time. The type of bit affects the performance of each laptop so it would be better to buy a laptop with a 64 bit type.

5. Process completed

The known types of bits make users more aware of the characteristics of their laptops, so they are no longer curious. This method of viewing Windows 10 laptop bits is the last step so that if you have gone through it, the user can exit the menu.

That’s it how to view Windows 10 laptop bits that can be delivered. The ease of these steps makes the user will not go wrong in choosing the menu. Don’t forget to share this information with other people so that many people know and it will certainly be a good charity for their own users.