Install MikroTik Cloud Hosted Router on VMware Workstation 12

On this occasion I would like to share a tutorial on how to install a cloud hosted router on vmware workstation 12. On the previous occasion I have written an overview of the Cloud Hosted Router [MikroTik] please read it yourself if you don’t really understand what CHR is?

If I myself studied this product, I actually just wanted to try the CHR simulation and try The Dude MikroTik feature, I already know that The Dude can’t be installed on all versions of RouterOS and MikroTik Routerboards. Because I don’t have a RouterOS and RB license that supports The Dude, yes, I’ll just use CHR. After understanding this MikroTik CHR product, I was able to simulate The Dude on a Mikrotik Cloud Hosted Router.

That’s a little story, my background is learning CHR MikroTik. Ok, now I share how to Install MikroTik CHR on VMware Workstation?

Software that needs to be prepared:

a. Installed VMware Workstation

b. VMware disk CHR

Next are the installation steps: