Instant Ways to Create Cool Invoices with Invoice Generator

Creating invoices does not always use Ms. Excel by creating a table outline first which takes time to design. There is a faster way to create invoices, namely the Invoice Generator.

Invoice Generator can be accessed via

Invoice Generator does not require an account to register or login access, so it can be faster to create invoices.

On the initial page of the Invoice Generator, you are immediately faced with an invoice template that you can fill in with the logo, date, due date, item, nominal amount and so on.

First you need to change the Currency to IDR for the nominal invoice using the rupiah currency. By default the currency is in USD.

Then you can fill in the available fields according to the invoice data you have. Fields marked (required) must be filled in.

Here is an explanation of some of the columns in the Invoice Generator:

  1. + Add Your Logo, you can add your business unit logo in the form of an image file.
  2. # (nomor invoice), invoice number that you can specify and sort as a marker.
  3. Who is invoice from? (required), you can fill in the name of your company as the invoice issuer.
  4. Bill to (required), the invoice address is addressed.
  5. Ship to (optional), the address of the goods is addressed.
  6. Item, details of the goods or services you are billing along with the amount and nominal.
  7. Terms, the conditions written on the invoice.

You don’t have to worry about miscalculation, the Invoice Generator automatically calculates the amount of prices and taxes that you specify. Tax can be adjusted whether it is flat in nominal form or percent, such as 10%, which you can adjust the amount.

Can also add shipping costs and discounts on the invoice. Everything is automatically calculated and totaled on Balance Due.

After filling in the invoice data in the available column, you can click Download Invoice. Next, the invoice will be downloaded in the form of a .pdf file, you can open it using Adobe Reader or your internet browser such as Google Chrome. Once open, you can print it directly through the print feature in the application.

Is Invoice Generator Free?

Yes, based on the explanation 100% free and after trying, Invoice Generator is free to use. But to get more features like Autopilot, Online Payments and Tracking, you need to upgrade with a subscription fee of USD 30 per month.

Is it Safe?

Invoice Generator does not copy your data, the data is stored in the cache in the browser you are using. You can still see the invoice history based on the data in the cache. This is why you can still access previous invoices even if there is no login access.

Invoice Generator also uses the HTTPS protocol, which is an encrypted data security standard.

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